4 Things to Bear in Mind When Selecting a Home Care Agency

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If you or your elderly loved one is in need of home care, there are a few things to consider before selecting a care agency. You don’t want to go with the cheapest agency simply because you can afford it. Some insurance companies will cover some, if not all, of a home health care agency’s visits if it is medically necessary.

You may want to ask family and friends for recommendations and then thoroughly check the companies out before hiring them. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find almost anything, including someone to care for your loved one. CDPAP Agency is one such reputable company.

Here are 4 things to bear in mind when selecting a Dublin home care.

  1. Credentials of The Care Workers 

Speaking with the agency’s supervisor before hiring a home care worker, you will want to know what the credentials are of their workers. What type of licensing or training will the person taking care of your loved one have? Are they required to be a licensed caregiver or have a full nursing degree? If they have the experience, or training, ask for proof in the form of certificates or personal references you can call upon to ask questions.

When it comes to someone caring for you or your loved one, you want someone who is experienced and has verifiable references. It is important to find someone compatible with you or your family member, however, they must also have experience in the kind of care you are requiring of them.

  1. Consistency is the Key 

You will want the same worker for all shifts because consistency is the key to helping someone with memory loss as well as keeping them on a regular schedule. Memory loss is one of the biggest issues facing the elderly today. To combat confusion, you will want the same helper to come to the house every day.

Setting up a rapport with a caring individual is important for continuity and trust. You want your loved one to be able to count on the same person each day to help them with both small and large tasks.

  1. Progressive Care

What is the agency’s policy on progressive care? If your loved one becomes incapable of taking care of themselves, will the agency adjust to offer more care? This may mean that the same individual may not be able to care for your loved one, but a more experienced person will step in.

Having progressive care is important in keeping you or your loved one in the home for as long as possible. There are probably many reasons why someone would be transferred into a nursing home or even an assisted living center; however, studies have shown keeping an elderly person in their familiar surroundings, like their home, for longer is better for their overall health.

  1. Financing 

Most, but not all insurance plans will help cover the cost of home health care. A company with a long-standing policy of working with insurance companies and individuals on financial planning is important.

Overall, choose a home health care worker, you are comfortable with and enjoy having them help you. It is your home and your health; you need to be happy with the person coming into your life.





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