3 Reasons Why An Electronic Massager Is Better Than A Conventional Massage

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With health issues on the rise due to work and sport related injuries an increasing number of people are turning to massages to remedy their ailments. From easing joint pain to relaxation to stress relief there are benefits for everyone.

While a conventional massage i.e. using the hands of a masseur can be relaxing, if you have a specific soft tissue or muscular problem then an electronic massager can be more beneficial. Want to know why? Lets find out…

 1. Effectiveness

Electronic massagers consist of small hammer like pads or revolving nodules/rollers, which transmit vibrations deep into the muscle to relax it. However, if a masseur wants to get deep into the muscle he/she has to apply significant pressure, which can be painful and can also cause the muscles to tighten up as opposed to loosen up.

In addition, a masseur can only massage a small area at any one time. Compare this to an electronic massager, which can target much larger areas depending on the size and shape of the hammers or revolving nodules/rollers.

There are a number of different cycles/options which are available with electronic massagers, the main ones being: 

         Location controls – which allow you to indicate where you would like massaged (legs, upper back, lower back, etc.)

         Heat controls – which allow you to select the temperature.

         Intensity controls – which allow you to choose the strength of the massage.

The electronic massagers can be anywhere from 5 to 20 times faster, dependent on the machine. For example a back massage may take 30 minutes by a masseur whereas an electronic massager would only take 5-10 minutes. Time saved = money saved!

2. Regular Repetition

People who suffer from long standing muscular issues may require up to 30 regular massage sessions. However, committing time and money to this can prove to be problematic for some.

Having your own electronic massager at home means there is no excuse not to have these regular massage sessions, ultimately speeding up the recovery process.

 3. Convenience and Cost

This is where an electronic massager wins hands down. The massage can be done by yourself in 5 to10 minutes from the comfort of your own home. No venturing out into the cold and commuting all the way to the Massage Parlor.

In addition for a small investment into an electronic massager you have the benefit of having unlimited massage sessions whenever and for however long you feel at no cost!

For example, most masseurs on average charge $60 for a 1 hour session, multiply this by 30 sessions =  $1,800.

An extravagant amount, but an incredible saving should you choose to switch to an electronic massager.

 Closing thoughts on Electronic Massagers

Electronic massagers are ideal if you are a massage lover or require regular massages as part of a recovery program.

Their convenience, low cost, ease of use and effectiveness make them an essential item to have in your life.

Furthermore, there is a wide range of choices to suit everyone. Whether you’re after a hand-held device or a massage chair, there is an electronic massager to suit everyone.


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