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The Impact of Transvaginal Mesh on Women’s Health

As medical science advances, so do the methods of treatment and surgery. One such treatment is transvaginal mesh, used to help women suffering from pelvic organ prolapse or stress urinary incontinence. But while the treatment was considered a good option by many for a while, recent controversies have arisen. Transvaginal mesh has been linked to several health complications and side effects, which have profoundly impacted the lives of the women it was meant to help. This is largely due to the polypropylene mesh eroding into surrounding tissue, causing extreme pain and discomfort. 

The use of transvaginal mesh has been controversial for many years, with the FDA issuing a safety communication warning of the potential risks associated with the device. In recent years, there has been an increase in legal action surrounding the use of transvaginal mesh in women’s health. Before reaching out to a transvaginal mesh attorney,it is important for those affected to  explore the lawsuits and get familiar with legal action that has been taken against manufacturers .


Lawsuits Filed against the Manufacturers

Due to the adverse effects of transvaginal mesh, individuals who have been affected have pursued legal action against the manufacturers. Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary Ethicon Transvaginal Mesh faced numerous lawsuits for their transvaginal mesh products, which were alleged to cause severe physical and emotional harm due to design and manufacturing flaws. The plaintiffs accused Johnson & Johnson and Ethicon of deceptive marketing practices and failing to warn about the potential risks associated with the devices adequately.

Over the years, the companies have reached several settlement agreements. For instance, in 2019, they agreed to pay $116.9 million to settle claims from multiple states over deceptive marketing of transvaginal mesh devices. In another case, they were ordered to pay $344 million in damages for deceptive marketing of transvaginal pelvic mesh implants. Additionally, the Attorney General of Kentucky announced a nearly $10 million settlement for deceptive marketing of surgical mesh devices. Other companies that have lawsuits filed against them include;


Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, was hit with several lawsuits claiming that the company failed to warn about the potential risks of their transvaginal mesh products. To settle these lawsuits, Ethicon agreed to pay nearly $117 million.

Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific faced multiple lawsuits from patients who experienced complications from their transvaginal mesh devices. In 2015, the company agreed to settle 2,970 cases by paying $119 million. They also settled an additional 350 cases for $457 million.

American Medical Systems

Numerous patients sued American Medical Systems over complications from their transvaginal mesh devices. In response to this litigation, the company agreed to settle for approximately $831 million in 2014.

C.R. Bard

The company has faced several lawsuits over its Avaulta mesh product. In 2013, a jury ordered C.R. Bard to pay $2 million to a plaintiff who had suffered serious complications from the device.
If you are considering legal action against transvaginal mesh manufacturers, it is important to seek advice from a qualified attorney. A lawyer with experience in this area can guide and help you receive suitable compensation. They can also provide information about the various legal options available, such as class-action lawsuits or individual claims.


The use of transvaginal mesh has devastated many women’s lives, causing extensive pain and life-altering injuries. The increasing number of legal actions against manufacturers highlights the urgent need for greater accountability in the medical device industry. If you are considering the use of transvaginal mesh or have already received an implant, it is important to be aware of the potential risks and to seek medical advice if you are experiencing any adverse symptoms. Additionally, if you have already suffered harm due to transvaginal mesh implants, consider seeking legal representation to hold manufacturers accountable for their actions. Your health and quality of life are worth fighting for.



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