Bocouture: Brand Description

A lot of people are seriously concerned about the fact that over time their skin gets older and loses its youthful and attractive appearance. And we have to take steps to look young even in old age. Anti-aging creams, fillers and muscle relaxants (available at Beauty Dermal) are usually a good solution to combat skin ageing. Bocouture made by Merz may be the safest choice a patient can make on their way back to youthful skin.

What is Bocouture and What Can One Expect from Its Application?

Bocouture, also known as Xeomin Aesthetic, is one of the botulinum toxin type A products. Its manufacturer – the German company Merz Aesthetics – not without reason classifies its creation as a new generation of BTX-A preparations.

Distinctive Features of Bocouture 

The monostructure of the preparation (Bocouture prices – ) ensures that injections are highly effective and that it is very user-friendly:

  • No immune or allergic reactions induced by protein impurities

This innovative product of botulinum toxin type A, purposefully formulated for use during aesthetic procedures, contains complex-forming proteins derived by intense cleansing of botulinum toxin. Unlike other commercially available products, Bocouture contains pure, as the manufacturer claims, 150 kD neurotoxin. In the case of Bocouture, the well-known “addictive” effect (when each subsequent injection of Botox and its analogues produces less and less pronounced effects) practically does not occur, even when large doses of the preparation are used. Thus, Bocouture is able to provide effects that are achieved with other products, without the risk of antibody formation, ensuring a lasting effect.

  • Stability

A prerequisite for maintaining the activity of first generation preparations was the need to maintain special temperature control, the violations of which significantly reduced and sometimes even brought to naught the effectiveness of treatment. Bocouture retains its full properties at room temperature, so that patients do not have to worry about how responsible the clinic and the supplier are about the delivery and storage of the product.

  • Controlled effect

Due to its low molecular weight, the preparation has an improved tropicity (i.e. it is more attracted) to the muscle receptors, which is a benefit when it comes to preserving facial expression and the ability to control the mimicry of the target muscle of the face, while not affecting the other tissues. This enables the face to fully preserve its “live” facial expressions.

How Bocouture Works 

Like other botulinum toxin-based preparations, Bocouture temporarily blocks the nerve impulses destined for the treated muscle. As a result, the muscle stops contracting and the skin above it is smoothed out.

The main area of application of Bocouture is facial muscles. The best effects are obtained when working with interbrow wrinkles and horizontal forehead wrinkles. The product also eliminates crow’s feet around the eyes, nasolabial folds and wrinkles in the lower third of the face and in the area of the neck.

The initial effect is seen on the 2-3 days, and the resulting – about 2 weeks later. As in the case of other BTX-A-based products, the period of action of Bocouture is about six months.

Doctors use botulinum toxins to treat neck dystonia, hyperhidrosis, urinary incontinence and other diseases. However, the use of Bocouture in the treatment of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) is not that popular, as its effectiveness in this treatment area is lower than that of Botox, Dysport and Lantox since it has a reduced capacity for diffusion.

Injectable botulinum toxins are the most popular cosmetic products and a very popular treatment option which is chosen by many doctors.



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