What you need to know about cannabis edibles

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We are lucky to be alive through this revolutionary time of marijuana. Edibles are so far beyond the typical “pot brownie”. In this century we live in, not only can we infuse THC and or CBD into just about anything imaginable, but it is legal to do so and has a lot of medicinal benefits.

What are edibles?

Edibles are created when they extract the THC or CBD from a bud and turn it into an oil, you can use this concentrated oil to cook with just like you would with coconut oil or anything else only now you’ve taken your favorite foods and turned them into a great way to relax.

Edibles are legal most places where recreational cannabis is. In Canada for instance, they just became legal last month, a full year after cannabis was legalized. This means you can buy them from an online dispensary and from retail stores. .  According to DispensaryGuide.ca, the edibles at Herb Approach are fantastic. Other options are visiting local dispensaries near you or researching online shops.

These days people are infusing things you never would have thought of

Such as coffee, water, juice, gummy candy, chocolate, pizza, cheese burgers, gourmet dinners, ice cream, beef jerky the list is literally never ending.

There are a lot of places that sell pre made edibles. They will tell you exactly what strain was used to make it, how strong they are, and the recommended doses to take at one time. Or you can buy pre made oil and create your own edibles. We are in a world of possibilities.

What’s the difference between eating marijuana and smoking it

If you have never taken an edible, you are honestly missing out. It is a completely different experience from smoking it. Eating cannabis can give you a more intense and relaxing body sensation. You may experience what we call the “couch potato effect” yeah you know what I mean. The body high may feel heavy so make sure to be in a nice and cozy place when taking edibles.

How you consume marijuana changes its effects

When you smoke herb, it mostly affects your mind. This is due to the way your body is absorbing the THC. When smoking or vaping, the THC has a more direct pathway to your brain. Because of this you will feel its effects almost immediately but it won’t last as long. When eating cannabis, the THC has to be processed through your liver which means it can take up to an hour or so to hit you — but, on the plus side, it is a lot more intense and lasts a lot longer.

Can I overdose on edibles?

I’m only talking about this because I’ve been asked before by lots of new timers.

You can not overdose on any kind of marijuana BUT, you definitely can take too much.

Edibles are fun to make and fun to take

Although It is very easy to eat too many, remember that it takes longer to kick in. People who have only smoked herb expect to feel it within 30min of consumption. When you eat cannabis edibles, it can take up to 2 hours to hit you depending on how your body digests food and how much you ate right before eating your edible. So, to avoid the paranoia of accidentally eating too much herb, stick to one dose especially for your first time.

The negative effects of edibles

There aren’t any real “negative” things about edibles so don’t let this scare you. Overconsumption of THC won’t harm you. The worst that could happen is you get nauseous, extreme munchies, a bad case of couch potato syndrome or your friends might make fun of you for going to sleep early, other than that you’ll be fine. Don’t worry about it.

Why make your own cannabutter

Making your own edibles is a lot of fun in my opinion, and it is not as hard as you would think. Although it might be more inconvenient than just buying them premade, it is totally worth it. I’ll give you a short run down of how to make it yourself.

What you need before making cannabutter at home

First of all, you’ll need some supplies. Obviously you are going to need some kush, I would recommend using an old stash or maybe some buds that you haven’t been smoking because it wasn’t strong enough. Cooking it down will make it more potent so you won’t have to waste any precious green.

Secondly, you need some butter make sure it is salted butter because it has a higher smoke point meaning it wont burn as fast.

Lastly, you need a stock pot or saucepan a bud grinder, cheese cloth, funnel, jar, cookie pan, parchment paper and a kitchen to do this in. Keep in mind your house will smell like kush during this process.

How to make cannabutter

Now that you have the supplies, you might want to know the measurements. I would recommend using at least ½ ounce of cannabis and 1 cup of salted butter. You can begin with grinding your buds down to almost a powder if you can. If not, that’s fine just try to grind it as much as possible.

Get a cookie pan, put some parchment paper on it, then preheat the oven to 245F, and let cook for about 30 min make sure to keep a close eye on it and not let it burn. Once that is done add 1 cup of water and 1 cup of butter to your saucepan or stock pot and let simmer on a low heat let the butter melt.

We are adding water to help prevent the butter from burning. Once the butter starts to melt, you can add your finely grinded herb and let the magic happen. You want to keep the stove at a temperature between 160F and 200F for 2 or 3 hours. Make sure to stir it every now and then. Once that is done you can begin phase two.

Phase two of making cannabutter

Take a funnel & put it on top of a jar. Then line the jar with cheesecloth. Pour the butter in the funnel and let it move through slowly so that there is less chance of the bud entering your infused butter. It’s ok if it does. It won’t ruin it.

Alright now that our butter is cooked and strained, the next step is to store it in a well sealed container and refrigerate for a least a few hours before cooking with it.

Now that you have a better understanding about the different possibilities of edibles, get some friends together, buy some good munchies, and begin the journey into the world of edible marijuana.




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