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My Experience with Tape-in Hair Extensions

I have been wearing tape-in hair extensions for about two years now. In this post, I’ll share my firsthand experience with the wefts. Here, find out why I chose tape-in human hair extensions, how the pieces were installed, how to maintain the wefts, and more. 


My Reasons for Choosing Tape-In Hair Extensions

My hair lacks volume and length and is more on the thin and fine side. I have always dreamed of having a full head of thick, long hair. For this reason, I keep searching for products that could improve my hair’s length and volume. But hair products take time to take effect, and even the best of them can only go so far. After some consideration, I asked my stylist if it would be a good idea to try hair extensions as an instant solution. 

My stylist gave me the go-ahead, after which I did some research and found many options, including clip-in extensions, tape-in extensions, sew-in wefts, and more. But my hairstylist recommended tape-in extensions for me, saying this option is suitable for thinner and fine hair.

The Application Process

I looked online for the top hair extension brands and stumbled upon ZALA tape-in extensions, which had very good reviews. So, I decided to give it a shot and ordered ZALA’s 40-piece pack of tape-in human hair extensions. 

My stylist put them in for me in about two hours. The application process went super smooth. The hairstylist took two thin strips of each piece of the tape-in wefts and sandwiched my natural hair between the strips. She started by putting them at the back of my head in rows, followed by taping in the wefts on the sides of my head. 

After Getting Tape-In Extensions

Forty pieces of wefts is a lot of hair, but the best part of my experience was that my head didn’t feel weighty after the installation. On top of that, the extra length, natural bounce, and volume made my hair look luxurious – something I had been desiring for a very long time. 

Getting long and thick hair that you can style however you want is the best thing about hair extensions. Moreover, you can always trim the wefts to achieve your desired length and volume. And, when you get 100% Remy human hair extensions, you can treat them just like your natural hair. For example, you can dye and wash them as you do with your own hair. I dyed them a dark shade to match my natural hair color.

The tape-in extensions also blended perfectly with my hair, so much so that nobody can tell if I am wearing extensions. While the first night I felt minimal soreness, the sensation faded in the days that followed as I got used to the extensions. 


As for the upkeep, I visit my stylist after every six or seven weeks to remove and reapply the extensions. This ensures they are held securely against my head as my hair grows. After the first six weeks of wearing the wefts, I felt like the pieces needed reinstallation to continue to look natural. That’s when I decided to go back every six to seven weeks. My hairstylist removes the pieces by applying an oil-free spray to the tape. After removing the tape, she adds new tape in the wefts and puts them back in. I used the first set of tape-in extensions for almost a year before I felt the need to get new extensions.

At first, I had fears that the extensions would damage my natural hair. But even after removing and reapplying them multiple times over the last year, I can happily say that it did not result in excessive hair damage. Now I can rest assured that my natural hair will remain healthy even with long periods of wear. 

Pros and Cons of Tape-In Extensions

For me, the main benefit of getting tape-in hair extensions is the thick, long, and voluminous hair that blends naturally with my hair. I can now wear different hairstyles as I like, be it braids, top knots, or beachy waves. These extensions enhance my overall appearance, making me look elegant and confident on all occasions. 

When it comes to the cons, I felt a bit of itchiness in my scalp during the first two days. Second, the upkeep of tape-in human hair extensions is an investment of time and money. You’ll have to visit your stylist regularly to have the wefts reapplied, but the way the finished look makes me feel makes it all worthwhile.


Overall, I love my tape-in hair extensions and have no plan of abandoning them anytime soon.


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