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How to Get Rid of Adult Onset Acne

When you’re a teenager, you take personally every blemish or imperfection on your face. If it’s a pimple, it might as well be the end of the world as there is not really much of a difference there. However, once you become a bit older, you realize that this time will pass and that your skin face issues will disappear once you get into adulthood, get a job and start living the real life. But what happens when adults get acne? That might be quite depressing and very nerve-wrecking, as why would it happen now? But why does this thing happen? What is the reason behind it, and most importantly, is there any way in which we can help our skin?

What can cause your adult onset acne?

The reasons behind why this happen when you hit a certain age are various, and it is the same as solving a very complicated mystery game. However, there are some reasons that are more common than others. About 50 million Americans are affected by acne every single year, so it is very important to know that you are not alone in this matter, no matter how it looks like. Of those 50 million Americans, 30% of the affected are adults. The most common reason why this happen to adults (mostly adult women) are beauty products. Moisturizers, sunscreens, eye shadows… all of these products can severely affect your face skin, especially if they include an ingredient that might be harmful for your body type. There are always procedures and products that are non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic, so you should always try to find those.  Apart from that, there is also the issue of food – food with high glycemic index (basically food that spikes your blood sugar) can also cause acne, as well as dairy products. Bear in mind that this is very subjective, and not all the adults who consume dairy products will end up with acne, though.

What is the best hygiene routine for this?

So, in order to bring your face to perfection once again, you need to be consistent and actually incorporate a certain hygiene routine that will help the face of your skin,. Even though hygiene shouldn’t really influence acne, it really does help if you have a certain cleansing routine and if you use high-quality acne skin care products and not try to save money on them. It might be largely be genetic and hormones, but make sure that you have a cleanser that is good for your skin type. This is very important – go to the dermatologist and see what your skin type and is and what kind of cleanser you need. If you go with the wrong one, you can only make matters worse. Cleanse at least two times every day, and use your acne skin care products in the time so that your face has the whole night for renewal.

Is there something else you can do?

Yes, there definitely is. Apart from changing your hygiene routine and makeup products, it can be very helpful if you changed your diet as well. Try to cut down on carbs, as this can be very helpful. Also, cut down on dairy products and greasy food such as mayo which can really be very harmful for your face. However, there is also the urban legend that sweets can make your face explode with acne, and even though this is still a matter that is up for debate, it is best to try and see if  your face will react to this type of food.  Your dermatologist should know best, though, so if you really want to know what your body likes and dislikes, you will have to spend some extra dollars on visiting the best doctor in the area. And finally, make sure that you always sleep in fresh and clean sheets. This might sound very unusual and ridiculous to a certain extent, but just think about it – you have your pillowcase you sleep on every single night and sweating on it day after day. Putting your face on that same spot the next day can definitely trigger certain processes on your face, close certain pores or make your face greasier than ever before.

It is definitely agreed that adult onset acne are very nerve-wrecking, but it is something that we have to learn to live with. It is not easy when you wake up in the morning and you see a red spot on your face, but this is exactly why you need to pay attention to this before it becomes serious. Simply follow these tips – pay attention to the products you use and the food you eat, be clean and healthy, and see the dermatologist from time to time. You will see the difference in no time.



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