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Interior Design Basics: Styling a Small Apartment

As much as they can be cute and convenient, small apartments can be quite difficult to style and decorate. You have to think of not making it too crowded all the time, yet somehow, you still find yourself lacking space for the most basic stuff. However, there are ways to make your small apartment seem bigger, and you can do so with style! Check out some of these stylish ideas that can help you save up on space, plus decorate it with exceptional taste.


Clutter is your worst enemy

Small spaces easily get cluttered. Once you buy or rent an empty apartment that already seemed small, you still have to witness how small it actually is once you fill it with your stuff. Sometimes we find ourselves trapped underneath layers of stuff that we simply can’t find the room for, which is why you should think about preventing cluttering from the moment you move in. Decluttering can sometimes take days, and even weeks, and only so after you realize you have a field of obstacles to pass just to get to the front door. The first step to a clutter-free future is to break up the relationship you have with your stuff and get rid of the things that you don’t need.

Clothing racks turn your style inside-out

If you love your clothes and thoughtfully take care of them, then why not make them a décor element in your room as well? Large scale wardrobes are the most space-consuming aspects of most rooms, and a wardrobe is most commonly the biggest piece of furniture. If you have many pieces of clothing, it’s even harder to make room for all of them. A stylish clothing rack is going to help you make more space in your room for the clothes you wear most, while you can put the rest of it in storage boxes which take up far less space. You will be surprised how your room will be instantly refreshed with such an interesting and fashionable style statement.

Modular furniture for a spacious living room

Small-scale living is all about making efficient space-saving solutions, and the best way to provide your living room with some more space is to be on the lookout for modular couches. Any modular piece of furniture you invest in will certainly pay off, since you will be equipping your living room with more furniture, but without having to sacrifice more space. When buying modular furniture, you just need to make sure that you choose a company that can provide you with sustainable and long-lasting solutions. Furniture can easily become worn-out when you move it around a lot, so if you don’t want your brand new couch to go to waste, don’t be cheap and invest in a piece of proven quality.

Go high or go home

You’ve probably already filled every corner of the room there is, and it seems like there’s no space left on the floor either. What can you do when you find your floors completely occupied? Go vertical! There’s a ton of wall space you have at your service, and all you need to do is figure out a way to use it. Bringing all your plants up from the ground in order to create a vertical garden is one way to go, while you can also rely on mount TVs and self-standing bookshelves. Any built-in elements also do the trick, as long as you build them as high as your ceiling goes. Make sure to get a ladder as you do so, because you’re probably going to need it.

Let the sunshine in 

Lighter colors add to spaciousness, and even mere sunlight can do the trick. As the sunrays shine upon every corner of the room, they will help it seem bigger than it ever was. It would be even better to combine the broadening power of sunlight with bright, natural colored furniture and décor elements. Colors such as beige, white, baby blue and millennial pink look sophisticated and elegant, yet have a strong influence on visually transforming small spaces.

Don’t forget to personalize your style with a single, large scale piece of art. It’s always better to go with just a single, statement art piece than clutter the place with a lot of small artsy elements. Every investment counts when it comes to small apartments, so make sure to make all of them worthy of your taste.



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