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The Timeless Appeal of Wicker.

Wicker furniture
fits into many styles of décor, and for those who maybe downsizing it makes an excellent choice for nearly any room in the house. Strong but lighter in weight than many other styles, it is easy to move, making it a good choice for seniors and singles.

Once relegated to sun porches and shady verandas, wicker is now found in bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms and nurseries. While single pieces such as shelves and chairs were once the norm, entire collections are now available for fitting out any room in style.

In addition to the traditional chair and plant stand, it is now possible to find sofas, coffee and side tables, headboards for beds, dressers and even bar stools in this warm and cozy material. To complete the look while adding comfort, many companies such as Wicker Paradise offer a wide range of cushions in fabrics that accentuate nearly every decorating style.

While a classic white outdoor wicker rocker is always in style, customers can now opt for richer wood tones. They can also choose sumptuous chaise lounges and swivel rockers that work well for relaxing after a long day at work or play. Many of these also look quite at home when incorporated into indoor decorating schemes.

Additional wicker seating options include sofas and loveseats that work well on sheltered porches. Many of these blend well with interior furnishings, especially when cushion coverings coordinate with other fabrics in the room. Today’s newer wicker sofas are often available as sleeper sofas, providing extra sleeping options when guests come to visit.

Smaller pieces often find their way into bathrooms and bedrooms, providing a lighter and airier effect in sometimes cramped and dark rooms. A simple white wicker shelf hanging in a bath is a gentle exotic touch to an otherwise very utilitarian space.

Wicker is strong and light, making small accessories perfect for children’s rooms. A child-size rocker withstands years of daily use and may well become a cherished family heirloom later in life.

Other members of the family, pets, can get into the act, too. A wicker dog or cat bed not only provides a comfy sleeping place but also blends into the décor better than many other styles.

Every area of the home is a candidate for at least a touch of wicker. Its strength and beauty have made it a timeless classic


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