A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Present For A Picky Friend.

When you notice a friend’s birthday approaching on the calendar sometimes you can end up going into panic mode. What on earth should you buy them?

Buying presents can be difficult, especially when the birthday girl is picky about what she likes. However, there is no need to let that put you off. It might be tricky buying for certain friends, but that’s no reason to “forget” their birthday.


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To help you find the perfect present for even the pickiest of your friends, we have put together this handy guide. To find out more, keep reading below.

Get her a gift she needs

While people can be picky about presents, getting them something they need always tends to go down well. Your friend might be picky about presents, but if you get her something she needs, she’ll have no reason not to like it, will she?

For instance, if you have noticed that your friend’s purse is looking a little worse for wear, why not get her a new one? If you have noticed that your friend’s watch strap has broken, why not get her a replacement? There are some lovely watch straps by Shinola available online, so make sure to have a look at these.

Shop in stores she likes

While it can be hard to choose items friends will like, as long as you shop in a store that you know she likes, your present should be a success.

Shopping ‘blind’, so to speak, is tricky, but if you can find out a few of her favorite stores, you will find it much easier to choose a gift. Why not planning a shopping trip with your friend and take note of all her favorite stores? This will make it much easier for you to find her a gift, as you will know what stores she likes.

Take note of her favorite colors

The mistake that many people make when it comes to present buying is choosing a gift in a color that their friend doesn’t like. Think of it this way, just because you love bright, bold colors, that doesn’t mean your friend does too. Perhaps she’s more of a neutral color gal?

Look at the colors your friend wears – take into account her clothes and nail polish color, and anything else you can think of. You will find it much easier to find a present your friend likes once you know what colors she prefers.

Look at the styles she likes

Everyone likes different styles, while you might love modern, your friend might prefer vintage. Spend some time working out what styles your friend likes, before attempting to buy her a birthday present.

Buying a present for a friend can be tricky, but by following the tips in this guide, you can make it easier for yourself.

Spend some time working out what styles and colors your friend likes, as well as her favorite stores to shop in. Once you know all of this, you will find it much easier to choose her a gift that she loves.


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