A More Productive Life: Embracing Silence and Stillness

You don’t think much about yourself when you’ve got such a busy schedule and barely have time to eat. Time passes by, and at the end of the day, you’re tired. You go to bed without processing your emotions. You wake up not having a minute to do it either, as you’ll be late for work. You’re getting things done, but at what cost?

No matter how busy you are, leave time to check in with your emotions.

The Much-Needed Calm

Success should not be at the expense of your mental health. You need time to be silent and figure out what your body needs. You may need more sleep, in which case the solution is simple: take some load off your plate to allow for more rest. Sometimes, you need more. A trip might be necessary to unwind from the stressful situation you’re in every day. You’ll need a sturdy bag, some paracord rope, and maybe even a Swiss knife to get you ready. Your vacation doesn’t need to be extreme, but the activity will get you moving and introduce you to new surroundings that are not often part of your daily life. This change is enough to help you calm down, and when you’re calm, you can look into your needs.

Add Journaling to Your Life

Sometimes, a few minutes of stillness is all you need to live a more peaceful life. It might seem unnecessary to write about your day when you could use those extra minutes to sleep in. However, journaling has several benefits. It helps you have a birds-eye view of your life, especially your emotions. When you’re unaware of your emotions, it will be hard to pinpoint the cause of your anger, sadness, or frustration. You end up feeling those emotions, but in a generalized manner, and everyone suffers. When you journal to keep track of your mood, you’ll have a better grasp of what makes you angry or sad, and you can work on changing your response to those triggers.

Talking Without Expressing Blame

A fight with your significant other is almost always present in your life when you’re stressed and have no time for yourself. You don’t feel happy in the relationship and fights don’t resolve anything. Don’t let the relationship turn into something toxic, which will only hurt you even more. Instead, change how you talk to your partner. Talk about why you are upset but don’t blame them for everything. For instance, if you don’t like that they ignore the dishes in the sink, instead of saying you’re upset that they aren’t helping around more, say that you would like for them to do more chores around the house. This tells them there’s something they need to change without the use of harsh words.

You only have one life to live. If you’re running on fumes and filling your plate with activities that leave no room for introspection, it will be hard to find peace. Be aware of your emotions so that you can make the necessary improvements.


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