Best hotels that travelers should stay when they visit Reykjavik Iceland

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Iceland despite its name; given to it by the Viking settlers of Greenland is actually not a barren land filled with the icy cold emptiness of ice like the Antarctic it is actually a beautiful docile land full of green hills with flowers blooming profusely in the spring around the lush hills and valleys of the nation. There are a few icy and snowy mountains with such beauty that no picture or painting can even hope to captor or even loosely represent.

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and is based towards the coast with many harbours and obviously fish and the home to other fishy delights and treats. But what is the best hotel to stay in Iceland (Reykjavik)? Well that all depends on you and your preference and needs. Some people will prefer to stay in a quiet, small and cozy space to spend their nights allowing for them to bond with and experience nature from their own eyes. Therefore, a hotel or inn on the outskirts of Reykjavik closer to the sea would be ideal for those who seek that level of isolated comfort. Furthermore, those who wish to try the different fishy delicacies of Iceland due to the closer proximity to the sea will be able to so that as the fishing boats will be close by and hence the fish caught by them. The only downside of living closer to the outskirts of Reykjavik is that the prices of the hotels generally increase as you get closer to the outskirts and to the coast.

Another place that someone may wish to consider is living in the city centre of Reykjavik where they may be able to better explore the nightlife of the city as well as experiencing the busy shopping streets of the nation whilst remaining in a place that is convenient for travel.  Living in the city centre is recommended if you are living in a chain hotel where the brand image is already good and proven; with a known consistent quality as the hotels have the image to uphold.  Living in the city is recommended for people who seek a more social aspect of Reykjavik instead of the quiet beauty of nature.

Furthermore, living in the city centre can give you a deeper insight of the daily lives of the people of Iceland (Reykjavik) due to the fact that many people’s daily lives are occurring around you and therefore you could observe the differences in culture and explore it if you wished.  This is also what you would explore but in arguably more detail if instead of staying in a hotel you; using social media or other websites online and lived in some one’s house or home during your stay in Iceland. By living in someone’s home you could see further the culture of the people due to you living right next to people whom have possibly lived there their whole entire life in the area and would possibly be able to give you some deep first-hand knowledge about the place.

Hence, the best possible place that you could stay during your stay in Iceland- Reykjavik depends heavily on your situations and preferences. The fact that there is no one best place means that you would have to research on your needs and priorities but any hotel in Iceland is sure to try its best and try to provide the best service. Enjoy your time in Iceland.


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