Top Reasons Why You and Your Family Could Benefit from a DNA Test

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Also known as genetic testing, DNA tests identify the changes and/or deformities/anomalies in the genes we inherit from our parents. These anomalies, called ‘pathogenic variants’ can manifest diseases. 

Home DNA tests can be used to confirm the diagnosis of these diseases. The process only requires you to take samples, fill in questionnaires, post the samples back, and you will receive the results by mail. 

This can prove convenient when you want a kinship DNA test, paternity test, or an autosomal DNA profiling all at the comfort of your home. Click here.


Benefits of Home DNA Test

DNA testing has a host of hidden benefits. Here is a deeper look into a number of them.

Helps Root Out Genetic Conditions

As the saying goes, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Most genetic conditions are incurable but can be managed with the right treatment and/or medication. 

In many cases, DNA testing is the only way to make an accurate diagnosis while avoiding unnecessary clinical examinations. DNA testing allows for the early detection of a wide range of genetic conditions, which lets the patient begin early treatment.

Identify Risk Factors

In many cases, a genetic disorder can be controlled by one gene. With modern medical technology and advances, it is relatively easy to identify the gene carriers of these disorders. It is possible to learn if you are at risk for diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and even certain forms of cancer. 

Narrow Down Your Areas of Treatment

Everyone is built differently. Consequently, our medical treatment and health-seeking behavior cannot be the same because we react differently to the same methods of treatment. 

DNA testing makes it possible for patients to personalize their means of treatment and/or therapy. Specific genetic markers can eliminate the need for certain types of treatment. For example, among women suffering from the early stages of breast cancer, it is possible to treat their illness solely using estrogen blockers instead of the more conventional chemotherapy.

Family Planning

Knowing what genetic conditions you may pass on to your immediate offspring and future generation is vital when it comes to family planning. DNA tests allow people to make informed decisions about healthcare for future generations who could inherit their pre-existing conditions.

Home DNA paternity tests are an easy-to-use, pocket-friendly, and accurate means to conduct DNA tests especially during this period of the coronavirus pandemic. These kits contain everything you need to collect and test DNA samples from the comfort of your home.    

Add to Medical and Drug Research

The more people undergo DNA tests, the larger the pool of people who can be used as samples for medical research. This increases opportunities to identify new genes and gain a deeper, better understanding of genetic conditions as well as formulate revolutionary drugs, therapy, and other treatment options. 

The data collected helps develop new methods of treatment that could potentially help millions around the world. 

DNA Testing Is A Critical Technique That Can Save Lives

DNA testing will allow you to make informed, in-depth decisions about your healthcare and lifestyle, and help you plan for your future. This will give you overall peace of mind as you’ll do it in the best interests of your family. 

With the advent of home paternity tests, it is now possible to learn about your genetic material without having to go to a hospital or see a medical professional.


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