Inexpensive marketing ideas for small business

One of the major things a small business suffers from is keeping its expenses in check. As an owner of a small business, you have tons of things to care about and in doing that, you sometimes go over-budget with things. 

There are a lot of things you need to keep under check like the raw material cost, the daily expenditure, etc. When you have a small business, it’s important that you get more reach to promote your business, that’s how you will grow. 

That is where marketing comes in. For any business to grow, the marketing has to be good. But how do you come up with marketing ideas that are inexpensive when there is so much competition that some businesses spend millions on them? Let’s have a look.


Engage On Social Media 

Social media is one of the best gifts that technology has blessed us with. The use of social media and its influence on the world keeps increasing as the days pass by. For a business, social media is one of the best mediums for marketing. As social media is free, you can increase your engagement easily and work on creating an online community. 

You can feasibly work on expanding your brand value and building more trust with your audience. All you gotta do is be actively present on the social media platforms and make sure you deliver legitimate and attractive content, and the rest will follow. 

Switch To Digital Business Cards 

When we talk about marketing, we cannot forget about the most basic marketing tool, a business card. Now, you might wonder how switching to digital business cards is an inexpensive marketing idea? Well, let’s get enlightened with some facts. 

A digital business card is nothing but a virtual version of our traditional paper cards. So, as these cards are present virtually, you have to spend on these cards only once. You don’t have to spend on the paper that would be used for printing the cards, other than that you also don’t need to worry about spending on the reprinting of cards if you have to edit any information. 

So, as you can see when you switch to digital business cards, you save on a good amount of money, and apart from that you also get the added advantages of using the digital business card. 

Go For Referrals 

Many entrepreneurs find asking for referrals rather embarrassing or awkward and so they cut out on that thought itself. However, it doesn’t have to be, you don’t have to come out looking a little desperate if you ask for referrals to the right people in the right way. 

When you ask for a referral make sure that you approach your best clients or customers and not all of them as they will benefit you the most. You can offer a gift card or a referral from your side to your clients or customers. You can also be a part of a networking group for the same. 


As a small business, it is a great idea to collaborate with other local and more influential businesses from your industry. When you team up with other businesses, you can promote each other and in turn benefit from each other. Apart from that, you get to open your business to different audiences for your own benefit. 

When you collaborate with other businesses, make sure that you team up with a business that compliments your business. You do not want to collaborate with your competitors. For instance, if your company sells computers, you can team up with a company that sells antivirus. 

List Your Business Online 

Google listing is one of the other basic things that every business should consider at the very beginning. Well, if you haven’t done it yet, it is never too late to start. When you list your business online it becomes easier for your local audience to find you. 

We all know that whenever a customer needs anything the first place they tend to go is on google or any other search engine that they use. So, when you have your business listed on google, your audience can find you easily. As a small business listing yourself online is one of the best ways to find an audience who can turn into potential clients and customers.



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