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Traveling by car is more flexible than traveling by plane or public transportation. You can decide to go with your four-wheeler (if you have it) or check leiebil Nice guide and rent it. The second option gives you a choice to have the road trip of your dreams, in a car model you’ve always wanted to drive.

Road trips also don’t have to follow a set itinerary. You can make last-minute changes to your travel plan, stop and stay wherever you want, and explore as many places as you like. You have to follow no specific timetable, so your trip will be relaxed and enjoyable.

Road trips in France, especially along Cote d’Azur, are an excellent idea to spend your holiday in Europe. Although this region is known for its mundane lifestyle and luxury resorts, touring is also available to ordinary people. In addition, the south of France has many beautiful places that are not popular among tourists but are worth visiting.


How to Save on Car Rental in France

Car rental is not the cheapest way to travel. But if you know what you get with self-driving, you see this travel method provides the best value for money. So, renting a vehicle in France can be budget-friendly, as there are many ways to save.

The universal rule to follow wherever you rent a car is to book it online. By using specialized comparison sites, you can lurk favorable deals, and price drops from France’s best car hire companies. Remember that automatic models cost more, and that’s a convenience worth paying if you aren’t used to a manual gearshift.

Reputable companies in France generally have transparent fees. Check which ones have the option to cancel your reservation for free, so you can book several vehicles until you make a final decision.

 If you are coming by plane, the most convenient option is to pick up a car at the airport itself. But it may be more expensive at first than renting a car somewhere in the city. Still, if you don’t want to wander around the crowded cities like Nice looking for car rental offices, this is a safe option. 

Know Rental Terms

Leiebil Nice - Tips and Tricks

If you’re renting a vehicle in Nice for the first time, you’ll want to know what to look for before making a reservation. While the vast majority of French rental cars come with a manual transmission, you’ll need to specify if you want an automatic transmission when you book your rental. Most rentals also include 20% Value Added Tax, so make sure to ask about this when you book your rental. 

In France, driving is illegal if you’re under 18, but drivers looking for a rental vehicle must be older than 21 (for some car categories, that limit is 23). US residents don’t need an International Driving Permit for driving in France. Still, you should get it at your local DMW if you plan to go outside France.

Below is a brief explanation of getting International Driving License in the US: 

But make sure that the rental company doesn’t spoil your plans. For example, some car hires don’t allow you to drive their vehicles outside France. In that case, you could opt for a one-way rental. It means you don’t have to drop off the car at the exact location. 

Insurance Options

You’re not obliged to get a specific policy for a rental vehicle in France out of your travel insurance. But, in any case, you shouldn’t travel abroad without this coverage. This policy can spare you from many troubles if anything happens to you or because of you.

Most car hires include a damage waiver to the rental price you pay. In addition, these companies usually provide you with different additional coverages, like the one for the second driver. You can get some of these for extra protection and reducing the excess. Insurance protects you from liability but can’t save your life, so make sure you drive carefully.

Check Car Before You Go

Leiebil Nice - Tips and Tricks

Before driving off from the car hire lot, check the vehicle thoroughly and document any damages. That way, you won’t have to pay for cracks and wears you didn’t make. Besides, you need a safe and reliable vehicle when touring South France. So, check dashboard lamps and look for any warning signal. Also, write down the mileage and fuel amount.

You should treat the rental vehicle as your private one. It means driving it carefully and adhering to traffic rules. That’s probably the best way to enjoy your trip and stay safe. Still, if anything happens on the road, don’t hesitate to call the car rental company and ask for help. 

Agents will assist you with resolving any issues. For example, they’ll explain the procedure in case of a car accident or direct you on what to do if the vehicle is damaged or stolen. If you experience any inconvenience on the road anywhere in France, stay calm and wait for help.

Customer Service Quality

Pay attention to reviews of previous clients discussing a customer service quality of a particular company in France. The agents have to be responsive and reliable. Suppose they have negative feedback on being busy all the time and not calling back. In that case, you’d easily end up alone in an awkward situation.

Tips for Enjoyable and Budget-Friendly Road Trip

Leiebil Nice - Tips and Tricks

As you drive along the Cote d’Azur, you will have the feeling that you are living your best life. The countryside of this region is no less picturesque, where you will find scenes, you have only seen on wallpapers. You want to explore this region to the fullest, so try not to spoil the enjoyment with some common mistakes.

If you plan a road trip alone, it’s better to choose an economy car. The gas in France is expensive, and the coastal roads are sometimes narrow. Smaller vehicles will handle these challenges with ease. On the other hand, sedans and SUVs are great if you travel in a group, so you can share costs and not be burdened by rental price and fuel consumption.

In small towns along the Cote d’Azur, you can check out the area and get recommendations from locals about places you should visit. French people are friendly toward foreigners, so they’ll be glad to help. Hanging out with them can get you a real feel of the community. 

Not all commercial facilities at Cote d’Azur are costly. You can stop at local restaurants and fast-food services to eat. Don’t miss small shops and craft stores where you can buy thrifts of all kinds as souvenirs. 

Traffic Rules

When driving through France, be sure to check the rules and regulations. In this country, uphill traffic has priority. That will come in handy when driving along narrow and steep roads along the Mediterranean coast. More tips on driving narrow coastal roads find here.

In major cities like Nice, the street numbers will determine which side to park on. Be careful of tow-away and illegal parking zones. Don’t use a car horn without much need and forget about making U-turns on major roads.


A road trip is an excellent way to spend time with friends and family. If your choice is France, particularly Cote d’Azur, you have all the preconditions for a memorable vacation. Just make sure you act and drive responsibly.



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