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Ways To Make Your Kitchen Family Friendly

Are you a parent of little kids trying to find ways to save your sanity while trying to juggle cooking meals and taking care of children? Do you dream of cooking Thanksgiving dinners together, with all hands on deck, laughing and enjoying the day.

The kitchen does not have to a space where moms and wives are confined alone. It can be a place where everyone works together to enjoy a meal and relax at the end of the day. You just have to take the time to make your kitchen family friendly. Below are four steps to get you on your way.

Go High Tech

A kitchen that does all the work for you is every parent dream. And while we aren’t quite there yet completely, there is a lot of technology out there that can make your life easier, especially in the kitchen.

A kitchen sink that turns on at the touch of a tap (you can find out more on kitchenfaucets.reviews) is a great thing to have when you are trying to clean up a lot of sticky hands. And a wifi enabled oven can allow you preheat it when you are on your way home from work, that way dinner is ready to go in as soon as you get home.

And it’s not only big appliances that come in high tech options. There are coffee makers, kitchen scales, and even slow cookers that are wifi enabled.  You can control almost your entire kitchen from your smartphone. Check online for details

Set Up Stations

If you want your children to be independent in the kitchen you have to give them spaces where they can explore. This starts when they are little, and allowing them to have a drawer full of plastic bowls and utensils to bang on and play while you are cooking.

As they get older you can set up stations where you can start to let them explore and develop the skills they will need as they are older. Set up a station in the refrigerator with things for them to pack their own lunch, and a snack shelf in the pantry where they can get their own snacks. You can even set up a station on the counter with a blender, toaster, and microwave to they can start to make their own simple breakfasts in the morning. This will help prepare them for a time when they aren’t living under your roof, and also give you a bit of time to enjoy your coffee each morning.

Organize, Organize, Organize

One way to stop getting frustrated with your kitchen is to make sure it’s organized. This means everything from your knives, to mixing bowls, and even the food in your refrigerator. Everything should have its place, and everything needs to be put back in its place as soon as it’s cleaned.

Keeping your kitchen organized not only helps you to find things when you need them, but it also makes it easier for your kids to get in and help you with clean up after a meal. If they know where things go you won’t have to spend your time hovering over them making sure everything is done right. You can teach your kids where everything goes, then they can put it up on their own. Find out amazing electric knife reviews here.

Get Your Kids Involved

Getting your kids involved in the kitchen is a great way to spend time as a family, and also help to prepare them for a time when they aren’t living with you. Many people think that we should let our kids be kids, and not force them to help with the cooking and cleanup that comes with taking care of a family. But if we don’t teach them when they are young, when will they learn?

Start your children off cooking beside you. They can help you open cans, mix batter, or even cut vegetables if you feel they are ready. When they get a bit older you can work with them on learning simple dishes such as scrambled eggs and grilled cheese sandwiches. Before long they will be able to follow more intricate recipes on their own.

Having your children in the kitchen with you is a blessing, not a hindrance. But it definitely is nicer if we take the time to make our kitchen family friendly. Before long the kitchen won’t be only your domain, it will be a place where your whole family can hang out and enjoy time together.



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