Types of flower bouquet for a wonderful wedding

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Weddings are one of the most exciting events you can ever attend. It is not only a memorable event for the couple who is getting married but also for the guests out there. It is an entertaining event with which different memories get connected.

Flowers are certain in all weddings. It is not only used for purposes of decoration but many people give flower bouquets along with wedding gifts. It supplements the entire gift making it more valuable, attractive and aesthetic. However, it is imperative to choose a good flower bouquet.

You can consult professionals like Cali Bouquet in order to get hands on the right piece. However, here are some types of bouquets you can consider:

  1. Cascade bouquets

The bouquets can be equated as waterfall of flowers. It gives an amazing and incredible tapering effect which adds more on to the aesthetic element of the gift. These are amazing for high-end weddings. It is an ideal source of elegance. Different flowers can be used within this bouquet. Different colors can be combined to give a more vibrant impact.

  1. Posy bouquets

These are ideal and traditional choices for brides. Most of the brides consider handling this bouquet on their wedding. It is perfect for brides, bridesmaid and all the girls who want to be unique on weddings. It is essentially a combination of different bouquets that are tied up with a ribbon to add more to the decoration. These bouquets can contain different flowers, however, it usually omits any sort of greenery.

  1. Round bouquets

These are other traditional forms of bouquets that we usually come across in weddings. This is perhaps the most reputed form. Of course, as the name suggests, it is in a round shape. There are more flower blooms. Harmony and balances is maintained within this bouquet in order to give it a more aesthetic impact. It is in fact, a bigger version of Posy Bouquet. This style works perfectly in formal weddings.

  1. Crescent Bouquet

This is relatively used less in the wedding. But whenever it is used, it tends to bring in more aesthetic elements. It is a unique style adopted by very few people. It is an ideal choice for those brides who want something different. It is not so conventional type that works in all kinds of weddings. However, the bouquet tends to be one of the best wedding bouquets you can ever come across.

  1. Single Stem Bouquet

As the name suggests, this a bouquet that features fewer elements. Rather than having more and more flowers, it tends to be simpler and more humble in its appearance. It gives a romantic and a sweet look to the beautiful bride. If you want a look which is simple yet elegant, then this might be one of the best choices you can make.

The bottom line

Even though above is not an exhaustive list, it is a representation of all the important flower bouquets that can be used in wedding for different purposes.


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