The Gift that lasts – Engraved Wedding Gifts.

Choosing a gift for someone very important in your life is quite difficult, but when it is two very important people and they happen to be getting married it can become a very stressful process. For those people who don’t know the couple very well, they can rest on the options laid out by the gift register, but for everyone else a little more is expected. These days more and more people are realizing that they need that extra detail to transform a gift from nice to exceptional. Simply put, that detail is engraving. Take any object and add a little message, initials or a title and it instantly becomes so much more than it was before.

Engraving is not a new concept; in fact it has been around for centuries and is a classic way to add meaning to an otherwise mundane object. It allows you to personalize the gift in a way that no-one else can. It also makes a connection between you and the recipient, allowing them to picture your face every time they see or use the object. Engraving can capture a moment and make it last forever, such as a favorite phrase that inspired you to change careers, or a song lyric that made you fall in love. This is one of the reasons why engraving has stood the test of time. It is more than a mere process; it offers a chance to convey meaning and depth in such a simple and beautiful way that everyone can enjoy it.

Regarding wedding gifts, engraving is an ideal addition, but first you need to find the present. Although engraving can create wonders, you need to start with something suitably sentimental and special, otherwise it will be a somewhat meaningless gift. Consider what you might want as a personalized  wedding gift for yourself and go from there. Nowadays most things can be engraved, from wood to silver to glass, but you will need to ensure that there is enough room for the message that you want to add. However, a message isn’t always essential. You can also have initials engraved, which naturally take up much less room. Try to find a gift that matches the message, or vice versa. In most cases their initials or a simple ‘on your wedding day’ will suit, but if you are buying something unusual then consider how the end product will look once it is engraved. It is an irreversible process so make a decision that you are comfortable with.

If you are at a loss for ideas then here are some options. Consider whether you want to buy two separate yet matching gifts or one gift for the both of them to share. Separate gifts that are popular could be engraved cufflinks and a pendant. These would feature the couple’s initials in a love heart, or even the date of the wedding. They could also be matching engraved glasses for them to sip their morning orange juice out of. Singular presents to share could either be something useful or something decorative. An engraved photo frame always goes down well, or you could choose some silverware for the kitchen with their initials or wedding date on. The engraving doesn’t need to be specific and can be more generalize, such as ‘To the Bride and Groom’. However, the more personal the message is, the more special it will seem for the recipients. Always consider their personal style and what they might need and want when buying presents and you will get the best results.


This post was written by Conrad Smithson. He has a passion for engraving and is even learning to perfect the art of wood engraving. He believes that gifts can be much more than mere products and is keen to spread the word. He shares his findings on behalf of Personalized Pressies


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