Buying a Pet as a COVID-Companion? Here is What you Need to Know Beforehand

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The pandemic has been or rather continues to be an eye-opening experience in several ways. In a matter of days, our daily lives have been rapidly altered, leaving us with more time in our hands than ever. And not so surprisingly, many have come to the conclusion that they could use some furry companionship. 

According to reports, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a significant rise in pet adoptions and sales. When confined at home, a pet’s presence could help you cope with the pressure and fill the silences. It poses a convincing solution to many demerits of the confinement. 

However, if you haven’t already taken this leap, then it is worth considering whether it is the right time to take on pet-ownership now. 

Access to Veterinary Services 

Though pet care is categorized as essential services in many states, many providers have limited their working hours or closed temporarily. This might make it challenging to get any medical services, such as the required immunizations. 


Getting your puppy accustomed to social scenarios is one of the crucial aspects of their training. However, the confinement makes it riskier, and you need to prepare for these missed socialization opportunities. 

It would help if you took them out for walks as often as you can. And when going out is not possible, try to replicate the outside environment by playing sounds of children playing, vehicles honking, and such. You can also dress up in different outfits. 

Do your Homework

The soaring pet sales have also resulted in a lot of scams in this department. If you are looking to set an emotional support animal or a good service dog breed, make sure to check the seller’s profile. If you are buying a pet from a shelter, or a breeder, you need to determine whether they can give you access to necessary healthcare for your pet. 

Before you bring the pet home, sit down with your family, and make a plan. If you are under quarantine or confinement, you need to establish rules first. Decide who will be responsible for the pet’s training, feeding and what routine you will follow. 

Get the Pet Supplies

Consider whether you can access the pet supplies during confinement before you buy one. If it is possible to order online, make sure you have that taken care of. Alternatively, call your local pet store and find whether it is possible to pick-up supplies or have it delivered. 

Prepare Pets for the New Normal 

During confinement, a new pet would get accustomed to the constant presence and attention of their owners. But once the lockdown is over and you return to work, your pets will have to grapple with a new life. 

You can prepare them for this by feeding them and leaving the room immediately and making them spend some time separately from you. Your pet is now used to spending all the time with you, and you need to train them to spend time apart as well. 

Getting a pet is a commitment. Even if you are doing it out of your whim, you need to make sure that you can provide for them and be there for them, just as much as they are there for you. Now might be the right time if you are genuinely ready for all the responsibilities that come along with it. 



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