What’s Better for Your Business? PPC Or SEO?

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What should you consider for your business? Search engine optimization or pay per click services? The answer, it seems, is both. With search engine optimization, paid ads appear at the topmost part of the page. Unlike using pay per click, the traffic that you get from search engine optimization is free. 

Pay per click differs from using organic search and are aided by paid searches. So why would you use them? Why not stick to search engine optimization, which can grow organically? 

Why use pay per click at all?

There are many answers to that question, not least of which is that pay per click services can help your paid search ads get seen—all the time. Pay per click services give you the advantage of above-the-fold content, and many ads both on desktop and mobile are shown first. Since they are ads, you have a lot more control over your messages. Pricing, site links and locations are options you can manipulate to your advantage, not to mention bullet points or callouts. 

When you use pay per click services, Google gives you visual Product Listing Ads to see what they will be clicking on. This is vastly different from organic search, which does not provide this feature. Additionally, when using pay per click services, your ad is seen by the right people. That visibility will reimburse your marketing budget, even if they do a brand search before clicking your site. 

Speed is another reason to utilize pay per click services 

Organic visibility takes time to happen, but a pay per click campaign can be made in no time. It takes days to make a pay per click campaign, which can be elevated within weeks. When a customer is primed to buy, pay per click can be there at the exact moment. With speed comes agility. If you want to test a new product or a new marketing message, you can get feedback quickly by executing a pay per click ad campaign. Pay per click is done in no time and can give you amazing results.  

Pay per click gives you the option to take control of your budget 

You have a fixed limit, and you determine how much to spend. Everything is laid out clearly. You also benefit from a laser-targeted approach to get new customers interested in you. Pay per click services’ ads can target time of day, keywords, place on a map, language preferred and even devices used based on previous visits. All the data is in your hands compared to organic traffic, where everything is more by chance. 

Pay per click services offer you no restrictions with keyword data 

This means you have a great deal of marketing intelligence on your hands with pay per click services. With Google Analytics or other analytics software, you can ascertain what percentage and cost to convert keywords. And of course, you’ll know which keywords to convert.  

Other marketing endeavors will gain traction when you use pay per click services correctly because you’ll have all sorts of information at hand. You can easily do split-tests and experiment with landing pages and call-to-action buttons when you use pay per click. This will inform your wider marketing undertaking. Also, Google AdWords has none of the mess that organic results can have. They are easily managed and analyzed. The process is set and orderly. 

If all these aren’t enough for you to consider pay per click services in conjunction with your search engine optimization, we don’t know how else to convince you. PPC or SEO? The answer is both.




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