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The lockdown in the wake of CoVID-19 has clipped the wings of our traveling mojo. However, it could not curb our endless hope of going out on holidays and vacations. Therefore, as several European Countries are easing down their lockdown restrictions, people are slowly returning to leisure activities like holidays and vacations there.

Golf Tourism

Tourism as a solo business might sound boring to the eccentric bunches. Therefore, imbibing certain values adds to good old tourism. One such addition to the tourism in the industry is golf. Golf holidays are best described as those leisure trips where the vacationers aim to play golf. For example, having the option to play golf in a beach destination can fit as a perfect example of golf holidays.

According to IAGTO, the market for golf tourism has been estimated to be more than 17 billion USD. The potential for growth in the golf tourism market is quite promising. Even though the interest in this recent form of tourism is peaking all over the world, the potential for its growth is best visible in the European Market.

Portugal as an emerging market of golf holidays

South European beaches have been luring holiday-goers from all over the world for long. One of the primary South European countries, the bank of beach tourism, is Portugal. The amicable temperature and low to moderate rainfall makes the climate quite suitable for playing golf here all year round.

Considering this advantage of nature, the Portugal National Tourism board has marketed golf tourism fantastically. Along with the Government, some top-notch holiday agencies have also made various packages concerning golf tourism in the country, selling the best Portugal golf holidays like hotcakes.

The most important part about the emerging golf holidays’ market in Portugal is that the service is simply impeccable when it comes to golf tourism. Anyone with a loaded pocket cannot help but give in to the charm of playing golf with a beautiful sight of crystal blue sea and an outstanding service associated with it.

The service that we speak of above is not only bounded within the days of vacation. It starts right away from the day when an interested party enquires about the golf holiday (with the possibility of not making the trip at all) to the day you reach your home destination including your stay and travel details. This wholesome carefree package is the sole reason that Portugal is showing a steep rise in the golf tourism market.

Another important factor that is often overlooked is the variety in the packages offered or the ability provided to the user to tailor the holiday package according to their wishes. Almost all the golf-touring companies have these provisions that make the vacationers seek out these services.

Since the rise of the popularity of golf tourism, several such travel agencies have sprung up like wild mushrooms with dubious nature. It is extremely important to have a thorough check of the travel companies that you are going to choose for your next golfing holiday.


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