Benefits of an Aquarium Heater

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When setting up an aquarium, one important item that is often overlooked is the heater for the fish tank.

Fish are not all the same. Different species need a variety of temperatures. This is why researching the needs of particular varieties is important.

Turn It Up

It is typical for fish to require water temperatures to be in the region of 80F or higher. This is why a good water heater is vital

As tanks can be found in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, so heaters for aquariums are available in a wide range of sizes. They also come with assorted features and at many different price points.

What you need is a stable one. You don’t want to find the water temperature changing too much daily. Stable heaters need to be able to maintain constant water temperature. It is a must.

The different types of heater include:

  •         Hanging Heaters
  •         External or Inline Heaters
  •         Submersible Heaters

 Submersible Heaters

 These are the ones that lie below the water in a tank. In general, a submersible heater has to stay submerged or there is a risk of the heating element being damaged.

This type of heater is commonly placed below an aquarium’s filter output. It heats the water as it enters the aquarium environment. It maintains a steady stream of warmed water and ensures it circulates in the tank.

Hanging Heaters

These, as their name suggests, hang over the side of a tank. They do so in a similar way to how a filter hangs on the tank’s side.

The heating element is on the inside of the aquarium. While the controls are situated outside the tank. This makes for easy access.

The water level needs to be higher than the heater, otherwise, there is a risk of damage.

 Inline or External Heaters

This type of heater is attached downstream of the water pump outside of the aquarium.

The way it works is that water is pumped first into the filter and then into the water heater. This means clean water is heated before it enters the aquarium.

Inline or External Heaters are particularly useful when you keep live plants in your tank, which could spread onto a heater causing it damage.

It’s also possible that aggressive fish may try to bite the heater, so an external heater is a good idea. They are also regarded as being more accurate. They can keep the water temperature steady.


Different heaters have different controls. It’s important to read and understand each heater’s manual before putting it to use.

Some heaters are supplied with integrated temperature gauges. These help keep watch on the temperature in the aquarium.

Allow a good amount of time for the aquarium water to heat up before adding your fish. You want the glass and water to reach similar temperatures, not least to prevent the glass from breaking. For the  best aquarium heater – iPetCompanion is a good place to look.





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