How Ayahuasca Retreats Can Help Manifest Absolute Happiness

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Ayahuasca retreats have become increasingly more mainstream over the years, but many still don’t fully understand them. In fact you’re probably here because you want to find out more about these retreats and how they can help you to manifest absolute happiness.

“What are Ayahuasca Retreats?”

To put it simply, Ayahuasca retreats are retreats that draw on the cultural practices of the Shipibo shamans, and the Ayahuasca medicinal herb. The Ayahuasca herb is prized by many Incan and indigenous Amazonian cultures, and is used for healing and spiritual awakening.

Most Ayahuasca retreats involve making an offering to Pachamama (i.e. Mother Earth). The Ayahuasca herb is used to prepare people for the ceremony by opening their senses to the majesty of nature and allowing them to celebrate and be grateful to Pachamama’s bounty.

In Quechua, Ayahuasca means ‘rope of death’ and it could be said to be the death of negativity. It is prepared as a highly concentrated brew by experienced shamans who will also monitor you throughout the process so that it is perfectly safe. 

Ultimately the goal of the ceremony is to help you align yourself with Pachamama and Wiracocha (i.e. God) so that you can understand the importance of living in harmony with nature instead of exerting dominance over it.

Absolute vs. Relative Happiness

Before looking at how Ayahuasca retreats can help manifest absolute happiness, you first need to know what that really is. And the best way to do that is by contrasting it against relative happiness.

Essentially relative happiness is what most people tend to feel and is derived from external circumstances. For example, you may feel happy due to your health, wealth, job, social status, partner, or certain other achievements.

Unlike relative happiness, absolute happiness is not reliant on any external circumstances. Instead, it is a state where living itself is happiness – regardless of your circumstances.

To achieve that state, you need to manifest a positive change in your life. That can be done by focusing on core values such as love, peace, courage, strength, wisdom and mercy – which are the very same forces that sustain nature itself.

The power to manifest that change is something that is within you – but to use it and transform life’s poisons into medicine you may need a catalyst. And that is where Ayahuasca retreats come into play.

How to Develop Absolute Happiness

To be honest there are many different ways to develop absolute happiness, but Ayahuasca retreats mainly focus on the power of prayer and spiritual practice. Together both can help to develop your sense of absolute happiness by synchronizing your mind, body, and spirit.

That is why Ayahuasca retreats based on traditional Inca shamanic practices synergize several ceremonies alongside taking the sacred Ayahuasca medicine and the offering to Pachamama. The goal is to send you into a trance-like state that will let you connect with the Holy Spirit or Dharma.

The retreat will then conclude with prayer – which is a form of meditation. Prayer is central to developing absolute happiness because it is a state of love in itself and can empower you so that you make the right decisions and actions.

It is a path that will allow you to embrace negative situations and find the way to happiness through them. By realizing that is the case, you can approach your life with an attitude of gratefulness for both positive and negative circumstances.

Final Words

Absolute happiness is not something that you can develop overnight, but Ayahuasca retreats offer a ‘shortcut’ that will put you firmly on the right path. Think of them as the first step of a journey into your consciousness that can help you to connect with the essence of your inner being.


As you walk down this path you’ll realize that absolute happiness is the key to success, and not the other way round. 


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