Can apple cider vinegar detox your hair follicles?

About 40 million drug tests are carried out in the united tests. These are only documented records, not including the ones carried at home by parents on their teenagers using home drug test kits. About 60% of people seeking employment are always afraid of failing the marijuana drug test, which is a requirement by most employers. Remember, even being a passive smoker for so long can leave traceable THC contents in your body.

Sophisticated laboratory analysis prefers to use hair follicles when doing a drug test because science proves that THC can take up to 90 days before getting down to untraceable concentration levels in the hair follicles. In that regard, many people champion for cider vinegar as the surest way to detox your hair follicles. Well, it is indeed true that apple cider vinegar, commonly known as ACV, can significantly help eliminate THC evidence in your hair follicles. Modern ACVs can be accessed in shampoos like Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid, which makes an excellent solution that is gentle and beneficial to the scalp.

ACV has been prevalent for various health benefits for many years, including scalp treatment and managing hair loss. However, the main concern is, how does it help detox your hair follicles? Continue reading to get a more in-depth insight.

  •         Why the hair follicles?

Many people think that drinking a lot of water alone can significantly reduce THC levels in the body. While that is true, THC-COOH, the primary metabolite of marijuana is prevalent in sweat than any other fluid of the body. It is important to note that there are millions of sweat glands on the scalp than anywhere else, making it a perfect destination for THC-COOH deposits. In addition to that, THC also travels to the hair follicles via the bloodstream with other nutrients, where it can stay up to 90 days.

  •         How does vinegar work?

ACV is acidic in nature, and that property doesn’t only help with dry and frenzy hair. The acetic acid in ACV can help lower the cuticle and hair pH, which is normally raised by drug metabolites, including THC from marijuana. Over-the-counter (OTC) drug metabolites can also be prevalent through the cuticle and follicles. However, anecdotal accounts of successful drug test candidates indicate that this method is mostly effective among light users.

If you are a heavy user, we recommend that you incorporate the following detox methods too:

  •         Exercise

Adequate exercise can significantly help wash out THC traces in your body, especially if you do it regularly. When you exercise, your body heats up and prompts the nervous system to command the sweat glands to produce much sweat for cooling. All the THC that is filtered in the blood capillaries during normal excretion will come out of the body in the form of sweat.

  •         Stop using marijuana seven days prior to the test

Full abstinence for the previous seven days can significantly improve the drug test results, especially if you employ the technique alongside other detox ways. You’ll give your body enough time to burn all the THC stored in the form of fats. Remember, it is also during this time that you can carry out adequate exercise.



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