Top Online Games For Animal Lovers

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Animals can be ridiculously affectionate and by their existence are fully capable of giving the deepest, most otherworldly joy to those who take time to interact with them. Now, suppose that you were an animal lover what are the best online games that you and yours could play?

Read on and get treated to an overview of five of the best online games for animal lovers on this here galaxy. Addictive they all assuredly are!

Atom and Quark Spaced Out– Here, players are tasked with controlling the scientist Atom, as well as his trusty, four-footed sidekick called Quark, as they do battle in space against a hostile force of aliens. Made by Booster Media Game, this is a classic with all the cartoonish but very colorful and thrilling graphics players ever dreamed about. This online 2D game features an expansive virtual world that can be explored, all while little green men trying to do harm to the cutesy onscreen characters. Overall, Atom and Quark Spaced Out is a gem that gets the soul and brain matter humming nicely along!

In The Dog House– This game is made by Nitrome, a London-based studio that is also behind a few other online dog games. The In The Doghouse happens to be their most popular dog game and for good reason. It is simple and yet crafty and makes use of pixelated graphics that harks back to the earliest days of arcade gaming. Think of it as an interactive puzzle, with the gameplay objective being helping a terrier navigate his way to the kitchen and his food, all while avoiding varied obstacles and distractions. The game is fun, relatively easy but requires some deduction skills to figure out. That makes it good for all ages and a total joy to spin up.

Raiders Took My Dog– This is a simple shooter game that is played for free on all desktop devices. The action takes place in a post-apocalyptic landscape full of rogue robots, ninjas and overly muscled men who are armed to the very teeth. So, the story goes that the beloved dog of the player has been kidnapped. Rather than sit back and bemoan fate, the player has resolved to get a gun and get his dog back by force. This game has a Mad Max look and theme, utilizes horizontal parallax scrolling, and lets the player make use of varied weapons to defeat his/her opponents. The graphics are quite retro and overall this is one doggy shooter players are not permitted to miss!

King Kong Cash – The King Kong Cash is unlike other games listed above as it is a slot game where Lady Luck can smile on players and let them access fame and fortune. It has lushly eye-candy graphics and a jungle setting. There can be seen King Kong himself dozing on a stone throne as if tired of everything. 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 fixed paylines are featured, as well as a slew of theme-related icons. There are bonuses aplenty here, with King Kong even participating in some of them. Overall, this Blueprint Gaming creation punches well.

Pet Vet Doctor Dogs– This game lets players play the role of a concerned vet. It’s pretty comprehensive, with players being able to make use of such tools like a magnifying glass, an X-ray machine and the like to spot and treat ailments in their charges. Successful treatments lead to the unlocking of more options and in-game purchases are allowed that speed things up and make gameplay easier. Cartoonish but fin graphics, lots of options, thrilling game mechanics and more make this game a real standout!

Dog Simulator Puppy Craft– This free dog game is available for mobile devices running the Android OS and is made by HGamesArt. There are different types of puppies available, all of which can be customized to player tastes. The game view can be tweaked as well and gameplay objectives involve players playing the role of the most adorable puppy, chasing mice, breaking anything breakable, causing havoc and generally being a puppy. The bigger the chaos the puppy sparks, the more points are earned that leads to the unlocking of the next level. All in all, this is one serious rollicking fun!



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