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What Is w3wp?

When it comes to computer jargon, in order to communicate complicated concepts, it’s often easier to condense long names into simple ones. Think of it like a mental .zip file. If you’re unfamiliar with .zip files, they came about in the late 90s and were basically used to condense data so that it could be transferred digitally and expanded elsewhere.

The concept was that the file was “zipped up”. Kind of like how a zipper on a suitcase can help condense a ubiquity of clothes or other items. In the same way, letters and numbers are often combined to condense a complicated process, like w3wp, which stands for IIS Worker Process.

What does that mean? Well, basically, a CPU is a Central Processing Unit, and kind of functions like the “engine” of a computer, or a network of them. Data centers networked together are essentially what makes up a given “cloud” computing solution. It’s like multiple engines pulling a heavy load. With the web, if you’re popular, the load gets weighty.

In order for your business to succeed, it needs to expand. But as it expands, the load on your web “engine” is going to increase. You’re going to see w3wp high CPU usage. Now there are several primary things which cause this, and which you can work to avoid.

CPU Clogging Situations

One CPU-clogging agent is high error rates inside a given ASP.NET web app. The aforementioned web traffic can stress a given CPU. Certain dependencies among applications additionally do the same thing. Collection of garbage can clog up a CPU. Blocked requests can clog up an ASP.NET pipeline. Unoptimized codes can do the same.

If you go to, thisStackify w3wp high CPU usage data sheet can be found which will help you get a start on solving such issues cost-effectively; according to the sheet: “Application errors could be happening in your application, and you don’t even know it. Some errors will cause your users to receive an error message of some form.”

Now, when the app is small enough, certain little “glitchy” things are permissible. They’re not good for business, but you can “get away” with it. When you get larger, this can lose you thousands of dollars and totally undermine operations. So part of using services like Stackify is basic internet hygiene. You’ve got to groom the errors away.

There are quite a few different cloud apps out there today. Some are expensive, some are totally free. Some are more useful than others. But all are desirable for avoiding available tools through lack of understanding. What you want to do is figure out what’s available and employ it.

Utilizing Contemporary Tools

If you found this article because you experienced a w3wp error for the first time, excellent. Now you have a point of reference to help you inform your forward operations. But don’t stop there. Figure out how to stop problems before they start. can help you with that substantially; eventually you’ll get enough experience not to need reference material.

Remember: today’s tech has fundamentally changed common advertising, marketing, public relations and other means of outreach. Top-tier PR firms are advising businesses to use social media like Instagram. John Q. Public is now online, and he doesn’t want error messages; he wants stimulation.

So provide that stimulation by continuously monitoring your application. There are free resources which can allow a well-maintained online platform to do the same things top-tier corporations have been doing for years. Optimize your applications by using these solutions if you want to stay contemporary.


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