9 Gift Ideas for Every DIY Dad.

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Father’s Day may have passed but it’s never too late to give your dad a “thank you” gift. If your dad is the type to do DIY projects in and around the home, you may want to get him any of these items listed below.

Here are 9 gift ideas that any DIY dad would surely be happy to receive:

1.       Mechanix Wear Gloves

A good pair of work gloves is just as essential to a DIY dad as the tools he uses for his projects. Get him these durable gloves that are great for even his toughest projects.

2.       Vampliers

Rusty screws can be a pain to remove, and they’re a pretty common thing to deal with, too. Help dad get these screws out like a pro with the perfect tool to handle them.

3.       Credit Card Lock Pick Set

It looks like any old credit card, but actually has some useful tools for lock picking. While lock picking may not be a regular thing to do around the house, this gift wins big for uniqueness!

4.       Retracting Extension Cord Reel

A good extension cord is a must when doing work around the house, so get your old man a good quality one that not only extends to a decent length, but also locks at his desired length and automatically retracts once he’s done.

5.       Bench Cookies

These nifty tools can keep things in place without needing to clamp them down – perfect for when dad needs to do any carving, sanding, or routing.

6.       Gorilla Torch

The Gorilla Torch is perfect for any DIY enthusiast, and it should be an awesome gift for your DIY dad, as well. Able to wrap around just about anything, it can illuminate any corner of the work area, allowing dad to continue working with hands-free lighting.

7.       Magnetic Nail Setter

Doing DIY home projects and handy work can put your limbs and fingers at risk. Help dad save his thumb by gifting him a magnetic nail setter that holds nails in place so he won’t have to risk hitting his fingers by holding a nail steady every time.

8.       The Everything Toolman

If your dad never goes around without his standard pocket knife, why not give him an upgrade? This handy tool set comes with all the necessary little tools and other assorted bits will make him feel like a DIY hero.

9.       Handy Dad

When your dad has just about tried every home project he could think of, help him think up some more by giving him The Handy Dad, a book that contains family-friendly projects that Dads can enjoy doing with their kids.

There are a lot of other awesome gifts for the DIY dad, but hopefully, you got some cool ideas from this list. One thing you shouldn’t forget though is to thank your dad for all the things he’s done for you through the years.


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