Top 6 Computer Parts Invest in to Increase Efficiency and Power

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There are plenty of computer parts that can make your machine faster and more powerful. You must know the main hardware components that are crucial to the speed and performance of your computer. The following article discusses components available on the market and features it can offer to improve your system.

Processor or CPU

The speed of your computer dictates how fast it can process data. An excellent processor is capable of handling instructions with great speed per second. Back in the day, the first-ever computer processor was the Intel 4004. It only has a capacity of 740 kHz processor. It can accommodate 92,000 instructions each second. Currently, the power of processors has grown exponentially. Multicore gigahertz processors can process up to 100 billion instructions per second.


Current computers can manage billions of instructions per second. The processor gets these instructions from the memory of the computer. Typically, the RAM and the hard drive will be slower than the CPU. Thus, computer processors and motherboards utilize a cache to transmit data between the processor and other parts. A computer that operates L2 cache or L3 to cache can manage more instructions and transmit them to the processor faster. 


The memory allows the computer to store more programs. Once the computer uses up its memory, the computer must switch unused data stored in the memory to the main storage device until it is reassessed. Because of this additional step, your computer can become much slower and not have enough memory.

Hard drive

Components of a hard disk drive can either make it slower or faster. It will affect the speed of your computer. Traditional HDD hard drive makes your computer slower because it uses moving parts. In contrast, an SSD solid-state drive utilizes no moving parts making reading and writing faster.

The following are some of the factors that impact the speed of the hard drive:

  • An SSD drive uses no moving parts, making it faster than a traditional HDD.
  • Older computer models use cables and ports to connect the drives. It results in a slower transmission rate compared to SATA cables and ports in modern computers.
  • The RPM dictates how fast the platters inside a hard drive spins in an HDD drive. 5100 RPM is slower than a 7200 RPM drive.

Operating system

Aside from the hardware computer parts in your system, it is crucial to have the latest operating system. It will have a significant impact on the performance of your computer. Since new technologies are being introduced, more recent operating systems are being developed to manage these emerging technologies. The latest operating systems support new technologies, and older versions may not get these updates. As an example, a computer with Windows 10 will have more speed than Windows XP since it can support the most current hardware.

Graphics cards

The graphic card is a crucial component that determines what your computer can visually render. You can get away with integrated graphics for low-power tasks and even 4K streaming in some cases. However, if you use media-intensive software, you will require graphical power and a dedicated GPU.


You may need to purchase state-of-the-art components to level up the performance of your computer system. In many cases, you don’t have to buy something brand-new. You only need to tweak and invest in new parts to elicit your current unit’s full potential.



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