The Top 5 Gift Ideas For That Special Man In Your Life

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Let’s face it, getting a gift for a man is almost impossible! The holiday season is fast approaching and you’re probably wondering what you’re going to get that special man in your life. And, no, we do not think he wants a belt beer holder. Erase everything you know, and let us suggest our top five gifts that you can get your man this holiday season. Remember, the later you start shopping, the more your chances of having it sold out increases.

High-Quality Coolers

We’re not talking about those cheap coolers sold at gas stations. Your man needs a premium high-quality cooler for those tailgate parties, fishing trips and everyday lounging in the backyard. Many brands offer high-quality coolers. Beware of the novelty products that advertise radio and bacon ovens (yes, those exist). A great indication that you’re purchasing a good product is that it offers a simple yet effective cooler. Some features may include waterproof material to keep all your liquids, such as ice, inside. Make sure there is enough space for all his beer making and snacks, too.

Suit Wallets

If that special man in your life often wears suits to work, get them a suit wallet. Essentially, these wallets allow men to hold all their credit cards and business cards without creating that ugly bulge that ruins the clean look of suits. Normally, these wallets will be placed inside their coat. If you really want to up the fancy, many online retailers offer customized leather wallets that allow you to print their names or businesses right on the wallet to give it that extra personal touch.

Hunting Jacket

To the hunter in your life, the clothes they wear are as important as their hunting tools. When shopping for hunting jackets, make sure you pick out a jacket that can really keep them warm. Being warm out in the cold woods can mean the difference between a clean shot or a missed opportunity due to an uncontrollable shaking because of the elements. Premium jackets can offer protection from the elements as the temperature begins to drop. The layers in these high-quality jackets help to stop the loss of body heat that can expose you to the elements. In addition, premium hunting jackets offer layers of protection from melting snow, freezing rain, and anything that can jeopardize your health.

Smart Devices

This is certainly not a man only gift; however, I can safely say that most everyone enjoys getting a smart device. You’re probably wondering what kind of devices you could get. Well, here are few examples that are extremely useful and won’t break the bank. Wireless headphones have been improving constantly these past few months so we feel safe saying that this is the perfect time to pick some up for him. They are useful in terms that they can be used for phone calls, working out, etc. You really can’t go wrong with this choice. Another example we suggest is smartwatches. A smartwatch is a perfect accessory for someone who works in a busy environment. Being able to read texts, emails and video chat all from one device would be extremely convenient for them. If you want to go the extra mile, try getting him some different color bands for the watch in order for him to be able to match with his clothes.

Grooming Subscription Box

Men might not like to admit it, but they care about skincare as much as women. Therefore, we believe that your man can take advantage of the many men’s grooming subscription boxes out there. There are boxes that provide shaving tools every month, others go a step further in creating custom made boxes filled with grooming tools tailored to your man’s preference. A bonus tip here, many come with free trials. Collect a few and ask him which he would like you to get him every month.

We urge you not to stress about gifts. Remember, this is a happy time and they’re going to love you no matter what you get them. In addition, communication doesn’t hurt; talk with him, find out what he might like and go from there. Go on, get to shopping. Let this holiday season be the best one yet.



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