HitStory Kids Columbus Sails App review!

mzl.zwdbefvv.175x175-75It’s so amazing seeing how my little ones play these apps on my iphone and ipad. I would say they are what we call little pro’s, they can work those gadgets within a blink of an eye. The even know how to download app’s on all our devices.

So when we asked to review the HitStory Kids-Columbus Sails App I was delighted to do so. For this app is an educational app for toddlers that teaches them about history. Me and the kids have played and seen many apps but never have we ever seen a history app, HitStory Kids App is one of the first!

HitStory Kids - Columbus Sails educational toddler app

There is so many great aspects of this app, first the history lesson of Columbus Sail, the music and sounds which the kids like, animation, graphic and of course the overall fun learning experience for your toddler.

HitStory Kids - Columbus Sails educational toddler app First Episode

The moral of the app is teaching your children about how Columbus sailed across the ocean and discovered America. Your children will be able to view many episodes about the journey of Americas history in a way that is fun and enjoyable to their level. A few things I noticed while the kids were playing the HitStory Kids Columbus app is they had the ability to touch and tap on different objects, some characters sings an jumps out at you but wait some will even wave….pretty cool ha!

HitStory Kids - Columbus Sails educational toddler app Third Episode

So many characters throughout this app that your children will be able to encounter but they would have to work hard in finding them , after all this is a learning app so its not going to be that easy. Wait til your kids meet the Peekaboo Peet, what a fun little character, he’s a hedgehog that my kids enjoyed the most.

HitStory Kids - Columbus Sails educational toddler app Peet's Logbook

I think HitStory Kids Columbus Sails app is awesome for so many reasons, the lesson behind this app is about educational,  interactively fun and very instrumental to teaching our children. Not only will they learn but they will always remember the history of Columbus Sails! I’m so glad my boys had a chance to review this app it has been a learning experience indeed for them.

The app is available at the iTunes Store for free, don’t wait get this app today so your children can learn and tell their friends how they learned about Columbus Sails. Spread the word to all your friends to gain access to reaming scenes free!


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