Best ways to stay motivated all the time.

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Motivation can come from anywhere, from the motivation ping one gets from online sources like google search, Facebook, Instagram etc., from people whom we know like our parents, school teachers, college professors’ lecturers, sometimes people from whom we don’t know at all. It can also come from the inspiring talks of our favorite leaders and big players in those respective fields. But the best form of motivation is that motivation which comes from within. There cannot be anything as best as self-motivated. As one cannot depend on another person all the time in this fast-moving world, one can rely on the strength that comes from within.

·         Surround yourself with the right person

Just like the surroundings that have to be maintained clean, the people around us also should be of the stature that they don’t pull down our energies. We might not be surrounded by people who are highly motivated all the time, but we must make sure that the people who are around us are not filled with negativity. There are even proverbs that say that one can judge a person’s character by knowing who his/her friend is. Humans by nature are bound to get influenced, it is better than we get influenced in a positive manner.

·         Neat and perfect atmosphere

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness “It is always said that one has to maintain their surroundings clean. That is not just mentioned for the sake of cleanliness; the act of decluttering will not just clean the surroundings but also produces a positive effect on the mind. A clean surrounding will help in creating a clean mind. When the mind is clean, the thoughts are also clean and thus the thoughts which are clean are transformed into clean work. All these do not require any special skills; just some time allotted to neaten things will help. The small acts which make us feel motivated and happy is a must to do thing in our daily routine.

·         Have a planner

We live in a digital world that provides us with all the most needed things in life. But sometimes the things which we intend to do get deviated from the track because of the interferences from the digital media apps. So, it’s better if we maintain a physical paper pen based planner. Before going to bed, one can jot down to do list that one can check before retiring to bed the very day. This helps one to keep a track of one’s activities. The track and progress of one’s activities will help one get motivated and get positive feelings about themselves that gives one the push to accomplish more.’

·         Never compare with others

The worst thing one can do to oneself is comparing them with others. This will never lead to a situation or provide one a series of steps where one can improvise oneself rather it infests one with more negative and low feelings about them which will hinder their growth. Never conduct a race between a fish and a monkey in water and a race between a monkey and fish in tree climbing. Each one is unique and so are their talents and skills. Project them well to prosper.

Thus, these are few points to be kept in mind to stay positive all the time.


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