What Are the Best Halloween Toys for Kids?

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Halloween is a fantastic time for kids to have fun. In addition to the colorful costumes and sweet treats, themed toys are a great way to celebrate the season. 

Here are some great ideas for Halloween toys for kids.

Halloween-themed Plush Toys and Dolls

Little kids love toys made from squishy material. During Halloween, famous characters from TV shows and innocent-looking pet animals are turned into scary creatures. Sometimes, parts of the body (like the brain and the eyeball) are also modified into plush toys. 

Halloween-themed plush toys come in different sizes and colors. They are designed to be suitable for both girls and boys. Kids below the age of seven greatly enjoy these fluffy monsters. In most cases, the plush toys appear more cuddly than ghostly. 

Spooky Board Games

Halloween is an excellent opportunity for kids to discover new things and get creative. During this season, stores have traditional board games that come with a twist. For instance, there is the classic Monopoly themed around ghosts, pumpkins, and haunted houses. Then there are building blocks that allow you to make witch castles.

Board games that feature zombies and skeletons are apt for the season. They allow kids to spend quality time with family members while keeping up with the season’s theme.  

Activity and Sound Books

Most toddlers would be completely delighted to get hold of a Halloween-theme interactive book. These books are filled with colorful illustrations and eerie sounds and are nothing like the usual ones. The interactive books keep the little ones busy for many hours, thus making them one of the best Halloween toys for kids. 

The books are designed to withstand the rough handling of toddlers and can be used all around the year. Activity books are also an eco-friendly option.

Halloween Science Kits

The Halloween-themed science kits are the best Halloween toys for kids above the age of 7. These kits carry everything you need for creepy experiments. They are 100% safe and come with clear instructions that make them easy to handle. Each kit contains enough ingredients to throw a spooky science party for friends and family. 

Halloween Creativity and Fun

Kits that let you make your own Halloween décor and accessories are a favorite among pre-teens. These kits teach kids to be more creative and design their accessories to match their Halloween costumes. 

What is Halloween without candies? Some kits even let you make your own Halloween treats from scratch. 

Painting kits with glitter, chalks, and gems are another new trend among kids during the Halloween season. 

Halloween Puppets

Skeleton-like puppets and monster dummies add more fun to the Halloween celebration. The finger puppets with the glow-in-the-dark feature are extremely popular among young kids. 

The puppets are very affordable, and there are many varieties to choose from. Puppets are made from paper and felt and are thus an eco-friendly option. DIY puppet kits are also available in the market during Halloween. 

Apart from the above categories, many other limited-edition toys and games are designed around Halloween and its related traditions. These unique toys are very innovative and can entertain kids and adults alike. 



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