How to Make a Garden that is Very Wildlife-Friendly

If you have a garden, then it’s your job to try and stay on top of it. After all, if you don’t then you run the risk of devaluing your property. If you want to whip your garden into shape but need some motivation, then why not do it to encourage wildlife? After all, nothing can quite compare to the feeling of seeing nature at work and you could have it all in your very own garden.

Wildlife Pond

All animals need some kind of water to thrive. A small wildlife-friendly pond can really make a huge difference to the biodiversity of your space. If you don’t have room for a pond, then you might want to have a small area of clean water. You could have a washing up bowl sunk into the ground or you could even use a shallow dish of water on the floor. When you do this, you can encourage all sorts of wildlife and it can really make your space more appealing.

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Native hedge

It’s always a good idea for you to invest in a small hedge. This can easily benefit the local wildlife in your garden and it can act as a very rich food source. This can attract insects, small mammals and even birds as well. If you are not quite sure when to plant your hedging then autumn is the best time, if you are thinking about bare-root alternatives.

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Keep it Untidy

You will want to have a somewhat untidy garden. This can include overgrown grass, piles of leaves and even logs. You don’t need to keep your entire garden in this state, and sometimes a little patch is all you need. This will provide shelter to hedgehogs and amphibians, not to mention that it will also act as a very valuable food source. Having rubbish in your garden won’t do anything for wildlife, so consider investing in dirt cheap rubbish removal.  This will help you to get everything taken care of and it also gives you the chance to focus more on your project.

 Rocky Areas

Rock piles can encourage reptiles as it provides them with ample space to soak up the sun. Consider having some rough grass and a sheltered space. This is great for worms as well. If you have kids, then this is a great way for you to get them involved and it can work wonders for their confidence.

You can get them to make signs for your wildlife-friendly area and you can also encourage them to really start to understand the power of nature. When you start to see animals make your home their own, you will soon see how everything comes together and the feeling of satisfaction you get cannot be compared to anything else.


If you have a fence, then consider digging a hole underneath one part of it. When you do this, you encourage wildlife to come into your garden and you can also make it easier for them to move around as well. This will increase your wildlife sightings significantly!




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