Tips to winning more conversions on social media

The frequent references to the power of social media by advertisers is not a stretch; they cite it as a way of improving your engagement levels and boosting conversions in consumers.in fact, social media platforms are considered as the solution to assist users find niche products and get inspired to convert into a regular customer.

The success of social media marketing

Among social media platforms, there are titans that people associate with the biggest number of conversions – these are YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram.

The major reason that could lead to the success of marketing efforts on social media is the similarity to the sales and marketing procedures of the pre-internet years. The salespeople who were selling goods to you put their focus on building a solid relationship with the customers and increase the levels of trust, all before they began dropping hints about their products or services.

The summary of this is that salespeople never rushed to make a sale. It might be argued that social media marketing follows in this tradition, because you must build a relationship with prospective customers.

The data already gives an indication of this notion. Instagram statistics on users show that at least 80 percent of users already follow a business, and they are likely to be highly engaged with the brands they follow. The customer is, in other words, looking for ‘social proof’ so that they make their purchasing choices.

How can you maximize this psychology and make more conversions?

Creating unique content for every platform you are targeting

Similar to the way an applicant will submit different supplementary essays when they are applying to different colleges, it is best to create content for every media platform you are targeting. The users on each platform will have their own expectations on what they want, and just because a certain strategy has worked on a specific social media platform, it does not mean it will work on another.

An example could be using a service that help you get instagram video views for all video posts, which increase your engagement for each post, but it cannot work for every platform you are on.

Do not just use links to promote your content; find other methods

When you are using Instagram or Facebook, you cannot rely solely on links to boost your conversion rates. Take alternative approaches – using a hard selling approach will turn away customers, because it gets annoying.

If you do not want to leave a negative impression on your customers and followers, make sure to promote your business through giving your audience meaningful and interesting content. You can also give them an image that is genuine and fun.

Monitor your traffic

A basic rule is monitoring the outlets and links that are giving you the most traffic, both on your social media pages and your commercial platforms. The good news is that there are a multitude of resources you can use to simplify the monitoring process, so you do not need to worry about sitting in front of your screen trying to keep track of everything that is happening.

One of them, and the most famous method, is using the URL builder by Google, since it helps you capture the most important information about specific links, such as within the name of the link itself.

Know and understand the audience you are targeting

You can achieve this through a number of ways, but you should note that they can only serve one platform at a time, to help you get the best results.

Instagram is the easiest platform to sample since it is the most widely used for businesses. When you want to track prime influencers within the niche you operate, you can use third party services to help you track them, for instance Ninja Outreach. This service specializes I finding influencers based on keywords and their popularity within their own niches.

Just like approaching a business and creating a strategy, it is important to understand you will not appeal to everyone – and that is okay. Just know who you want to target, and then work with that group of people to get the best results.

Make use of existing relationships you have with influencers and marketers

If you are fortunate enough to already have a positive working relationship with many influencers and marketers, then they will be resourceful in helping you market your brand on social media sometimes, such as through a Twitter post, or an Instagram post.

The first thing to do is thinking of some inexpensive ways they can support you, and then reach out to them and ask them for support in putting your brand name out there. Even though it may seem like an insignificant gesture, their endorsement goes a long way into helping you generate leads for your business – which then convert into sales.

Give your followers a log in system that is secure, discreet and easy

When you place your promotional link, you also need to think of keeping your customers and visitors comfortable enough to shop. That means you think ten steps ahead, and give them a welcoming platform to land on – this will help in increasing conversion rates.

The easiest method to do this is setting up a social login system, since this will help them sign in using their social media accounts (the more social media platforms you offer, the better). It is important to note something though – avoid slamming login requests to the visitor or user through an involuntary fade or pop-up. This will drive away any potential customers and reduce their commitment.

Make the checkout easy

Just like the login process, if you make it too long, the users will give up halfway through and never return. Make it easy for them to fill in payment details and having a proper system in place throughout – the less time they wait, the less chances of them changing their mind.


Final thoughts

Converting your social media leads into customers takes a good strategy and a plan that you have thought through. This is because it will help you figure out what you need to improve, and the increase customer satisfaction – which keeps your customers coming back.


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