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Best Apple Watch Bands: Leather & More

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Find the best leather apple watch band without having to worry about its practicality in your life by reading on below.

The band material of an Apple watch will dictate how often you actually wear the watch itself. You have to ask yourself whether you expect to wear this for fashion or fitness purposes, and that answer will set you on the right path.

Continue reading for a detailed look at the best Apple watch band materials, and you’ll soon find out which is the optimal one for you.


Best Apple Watch Band Materials to Consider

  • Metal Bands

Metallic accents were all the rave in this year’s fall fashion show, and a quick way to elevate your wardrobe to high fashion level is by including a metal band on your Apple watch. Most of these metal bands are made out of stainless steel because it is extremely durable as well as economical.

Even though stainless steel is largely in-demand, several brands make metal bands out of gold, platinum, titanium, or tungsten. When compared to stainless steel, both tungsten and titanium seem to be much more durable, but in regards to overall weight, titanium is much lighter.

Metals such as gold and platinum are considered to be luxurious, but the challenge lies in their ability to fulfill. People who seek gold watch bands tend to want to make a statement regarding their wealth. There are better alternatives that cost a fraction of the price. For instance, gold-plated watch straps do exist, and they still give off that high-end aesthetic.

Out of all the materials mentioned, metal is one of the heaviest, which could work against someone who leads an active lifestyle. Those who are buying an Apple watch specifically to live healthily should avoid a metal watch band at all costs. You might have better use out of a rubber or leather alternative instead.

  • Leather Bands

Adhering to a vintage look can be difficult with the emergence of Apple watches, whose aesthetic is entirely futuristic. Since the bands on an Apple watch are interchangeable, you can readily convert a high-tech device into a luxurious yet timeless watch.

When it comes to leather, the wide range of textures and hues is ideal for someone who’s looking for a band to match a particular outfit. Similar to metal, leather has such a luxurious texture that can last you several years under proper care.

Keep in mind that leather is sensitive to water, so exposing the watch to water will not only damage the watch but its band as well. The best leather Apple watch band will be one that caters to your style and is of high quality.

  • Rubber Bands

The Apple Watch was initially marketed as being a device that can help you live a healthy lifestyle while still looking fashionable on your wrist. In order to have the watch function without hindering your physical activity is to build it with a band made out of rubber.

Rubber is well known to be a durable yet lightweight material that can stay on your wrist while you run around and perform countless physically straining activities. You can wear rubber straps when you go on a hike or a jog without having to worry.


Hopefully, the apple watch band market isn’t too over-saturated that you can’t find the right material to suit your daily routine. The best leather apple watch band will be one that is comfortable on your wrist while still maintaining that luxurious appeal. Materials such as metal and rubber are losing their popularity, but ultimately the choice is yours.



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