Top 5 Best Windshield Sun Shades for Cars and Trucks

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You invest in the best custom car covers to protect your vehicle from inclement weather, but what can you do to keep it safe from harmful UV radiation? Sunny days pose a threat to your car’s interior, as the confined space ramps up the heat. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution: windshield sun shades.


Do Windshield Sun Shades Keep the Heat Out?

Windshield sun shades stop sunlight from coming into your car through the front window. Since sunlight heats the air, blocking it keeps your vehicle’s interior from heating up.

Tinted windows work on a similar principle. However, there are limitations on how dark windows can be, so sun shades are necessary.

How Windshield Sun Shade Protect Your Interior 

Sun shades don’t just block heat — they can also keep out harmful radiation. You probably already know how damaging UV rays can be to your skin, so it’s not surprising to learn they can also hurt your car’s interior. The following are just a few examples of UV damage:

  • Cracked leather
  • Faded upholstery
  • Deteriorating dashboard

What Are the Best Sun Shades? 

There are many different sun shades to choose from. Which is the best option? Just like when you’re choosing custom trailer covers, it depends on your needs.

For example, you may want something you can put up and take down with minimal hassle. Alternatively, you might want a shade that takes up very little storage space. To find the shade that fits your needs, take a look at these five options.

1. Retractable

This unique style is mounted to one side of your windshield frame, so you never have to worry about storing it. Retractable sun shades are pleated and can be easily opened with one hand. To secure them in place, you simply latch them onto the bracket installed on the other side of the frame.

2. Accordion

Accordion-style sun shades are one of the simplest options, making them a classic. They easily fold into a narrow rectangle for convenient storage and come in various materials and colors. They’re also some of the most affordable choices.

3. Roll-Up

Roll-up sun shades are similar to accordion styles in that they’re easy to store. However, instead of folding them, you simply roll them into a cylinder. This storage method can prevent creasing along edges and extend the life of your shade.

4. Reflector

As you may have guessed, reflector sun shades increase their efficiency by reflecting sunlight. To achieve this, they’re usually metallic in color and are often made with foil. Reflector sun shades are available in many shapes and styles, so you’re sure to find one that fits your vehicle.

5. Custom

What if you can’t find a sun shade that works for you? Instead of picking a pre-made option off the shelf, you can make a custom order. Customizing your sun shade is an excellent choice if you travel a lot and need something that can handle a lot of use.

If you need UV protection that checks every box on your list, you should order a custom fit sunshade. This option allows you to choose the color or pattern to complement your vehicle. After all, why choose between style and function when you can have both?


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