Three Real Life Superpowers

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For some reason, we used to believe it was more naïve to plan a trip to Mars than to believe humans would ever get to there. With the richest man in the world dreaming of flying to the red planet and naming his kid after a robot, all of a sudden, the impossible doesn’t seem nearly so crazy. 

If there is one thing 2020 taught us it is to open our minds to the idea that anything is possible.

  1. Limitless Brain: There are treatments and supplements that can activate your brain to superhuman degrees. Ginko biloba, for example, has been used for centuries in China to improve concentration and mental processing power.
  2. Super Senses: There are people with a condition called synesthesia that can ‘taste’ a word or ‘see’ music.  
  3. Freeze-proof: Wim Hof is an extreme athlete who has taught hundreds of students around the world how to harness the power of their minds to combat illness, tiredness, and extreme cold. He is known for climbing a part of Mt. Everest shirtless and in shorts. 


Super Brain 

Nootropics are chemical remedies and supplements, either natural or synthetic, that boost your brain. Some clear your mind and help you focus, other help you think faster. This might sound like something out of a Hollywood movie, but people in real life have actually been taking them for thousands of years. Some of the names on this list might surprise you. Coffee, for example, is technically a nootropic. 

The unconscious mind is basically like an appliance in your brain that extracts and packages big chunks of memory, feelings, and intuition in an instant. It warms them up. Then like the toaster oven in your kitchen, it pops out a fresh, hot answer to life’s questions.

Harnessing the hidden layers of your brain can be done with the use of nootropic supplements such as:

  • Ashwaganda
  • L-Theanine
  • Ginkgo biloba
  • ESS60
  • Matcha

Super Senses

Synesthesia is a condition that affects millions of people. Scientific estimates concerning how many people experience it range between 1/2000 people all the way to 1/300 people! Synesthetes’ senses get mixed in unusual ways leading to supernatural-seeming experiences such as “smelling” a color or “tasting” a sound. It is often attributed to brains with above-average neural connections. Billie Eilish is a famous pop singer who claims to have synesthesia. Stevie Wonder is another famous person in history who made this claim.

The Reddit community /r/synesthesia has 26,000 members. Today’s top posts shine a light on the fascinating alternative world these men and women live in:

  • The Texture of Wool is So Loud, but Satin is Quiet
  • Could Someone Tell me What Color This Song Is?
  • Are Auras Actually a Type of Synesthesia?
  • Anyone Visualize Colors When Hearing Music?
  • Orange Pizza Tastes Worse than Red Pizza


The human body is very smart. It employs all manner of tricks and systems to maintain homeostasis. Most of the time, these reactions are totally unconscious. With exposure to extreme cold, the body will automatically divert blood to the heart and essential areas while shifting it away from the extremities. It induces uncontrollable shivering and a change in breathing pattern.

A study done on extreme athlete Wim Hof by Wayne State University found that by Wim is actually able to increase his body temperature at will.  

During this experiment, Wim was asked to don a ‘cold suit’ with water running through it that could change temperatures quickly. Under control conditions, meaning without doing any kind of techniques, Wim and the control participants were found to undergo the predictable fluctuations in skin temperature. Basically, cold water made their fingers cold, and warm water warmed them up. 

When Wim was asked to use his technique, however, the machine found no change in his body temperature through the changes in water temperature. This was completely different from anything the scientists has ever seen. It was as if Wim’s body had just shrugged off the cold.  


We might not be able to fly and shoot lasers out of our heads, but we all secretly have access to superpowers. With the help of nootropics we can all enjoy super sharp minds. Science has found that with a little practice, normal people can also learn Wim Hof method and beat extreme temperatures and hazardous conditions. Often, real life superpowers are a question of mind over matter. As these superhumons can come to show us, we don’t have to be slaves to the conditions around us.


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