SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid During Website Redesign

In this fast pace era of technological advancement, websites are the portrayal of your business. It is the representation of how you want to present your business in the market. It does not matter if you’re a big business or a midsize company; a website is the primary way to bring out your product or service. It is essential to always stay relevant in the market. In this case, website redesigning plays a crucial role. The process is tedious and requires consistent effort for months, yet it is observed that we fail to achieve the desired results and rank high in the organic search on the popular search engines.

In being popular and doing well in the market, SEO will undoubtedly have a cardinal role. It is advisable to keep SEO in mind at all stages, including the planning, redesigning, and implementation. A website so designed can achieve its targets in less time with more consumer satisfaction.

Let’s quickly dive into this piece and understand some do’s and don’ts related to SEO during the website redesign:

  1. Setting the objective and aligning with it

As an initial step, it is essential to have a good idea of your expectations from the new website. The elements that you want to add up and the kind of outlook that you desire to achieve through redesigning should be clear in your mind. It should be clear that the new objective should include a thorough knowledge of the customer base achieved through in-depth research in the market. The design should also be targeted according to the expectations you have from the website after three to four months. One should carefully determine and make decisions regarding aligning the must-have features to redesign.

  1. SSL Certificates for the win!

After keeping in check, the requirements mentioned above, you can redesign your website successfully. It is necessary to keep a check on different parameters timely for a successful business. For consistent operation in the market, it is essential to ensure your online business website’s secure environment. This purpose is served by the SSL Certificate, which will keep you away from the primary security-related threats for an online business. These certificates can help achieve good sales by increasing the consumer’s trust factor for your online business. SSL Certificate is available at pocket-friendly rates and should only be bought from a reliable SSL Certificate provider.

  1. Redesign considering the smartphones.

SEO is a crucial element to be paid attention to from the initial stage itself. It is desirable to think and respond to its various aspects from the beginning. One such requirement is to keep into consideration the ease of users. Most of the users are looking at your website on their smartphones. Smartphones have taken a large space in our day to day lives. This fact should be employed on the website redesigning too. It is suggested that you redesign websites so that it becomes easy for the consumers to use your websites comfortably on their mobile phones. A website should be so designed that the consumers can use it without any problem on phones, tablets, and computers.

  1. Paying attention to the practicality and functionality

One cannot deny that the eye-catching typography and pastel colors attract the consumers, but it is to be kept in mind that there should be no compromise in the functionality. The fundamental objective of website redesigning is to make it look more attractive than before, yet there should be equal emphasis on functionality. The website should remain relevant according to the need of the hour. It is often observed that eye-catching websites serve nothing when it comes to being practical. These common mistakes should be avoided with careful planning and implementation. It is always beneficial to learn from your current website, know the pros and cons in detail, and then hit the fields for the better.

  1. Prior Cost analyzing

Redesigning a website needs a handsome amount of money. Often it is observed that the midsize business does not have a set plan in terms of finance when it comes to cost. All the aspects of redesigning cost differently and the top-notch design requires high costs. In this case, one must opt for a plan that aligns with the company’s objectives and what you think will suit the image of the company. It should be decided to keep in mind that it covers all the components of what the company wants to convey.

  1. Modifications as per the feedback received.

Feedbacks are the actual reflection of the efforts made by you in redesigning. Consumers mostly provide feedback as per their experiences and ease in handling your website. In case you have hired a team of experts for website redesigning, it will reflect their work as to how far they have understood the idea of your business and the techniques employed by them in conveying it.


Website redesigning requires adding up the modern elements in your website and removing the not-so-attractive elements. As easy as it may sound, it needs envisioning the path to redesigning in advance with clear aims and objectives. One should be clear in their mind about the expectations and then only hire the professionals’ team if they are doing so. For SEO, SSL Certificate is preferred for building upon consumer trust. Additionally, equal attention should be given to the analysis of cost in advance and giving value to regular feedback and working on them. Accentuating the website’s attractiveness is not enough; it is desirable to keep the functionality factor alive. A blend of all the steps mentioned above and avoiding common mistakes can only lead to a successful website redesigning plan.



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