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7 Gift Ideas for Your Sports-Obsessed Valentine

February, the month of love, is fast approaching, and everyone is looking for the best gift to give the other significantly. It even becomes hectic when trying to balance between romance life and sports. Therefore, people are worried, browsing through various shopping sites to find the cutest, cuddliest, and special valentine gift to impress the sports-obsessed lovers. 

Although there are numerous gifts, such as a basketball jersey, you will find that best suit your valentine’s preferences and sports moments. You may find out more by checking this website if you want to know more about basketball jerseys and guides. I bet you don’t like the last-minute purchase that will leave you scratching your head. For that case, check out these seven ideas that will get you the best gift for your sports-obsessed valentine’s.


Stadium Tours for Two

The word is ‘for two.’ Whether you also love sports or support the same team, visiting the stadiums with your lover on this special day makes them feel special and loved too. You may not be supporting the same team or the sport type, but showing your concern about what your lover supports wins your space in their hearts. You can book a ticket at a championship venue like the Olympic Stadium, get a direct glimpse of what happens behind the screen, like players dressing rooms or the trophy halls. Walk with your valentine down the players’ tunnel to the directors’ box. Alternatively, venues like Twickenham allow the fans to walk in the Jonny Wilkinson and Martin Johnson’s steps and enjoy the incredible atmosphere and vast knowledge of history. 

Pro Golf Lessons

Does your valentine wish to improve their golf skills, and you feel it’s time to help them? Consider booking them a lesson with a professional golf player who will help them with basic sewing techniques. It sounds like a minor idea, primarily when implemented on lovers’ day, but it comes with great benefits. For instance, the golf pro will teach your lover simple but technical basics like chipping, bunker play, and putting. The lessons involve short games that allow the golf pro to perform a brief analysis using the latest technology and impact all game areas. You can book the lesson at your favorite local club or choose various golf clubs to entice the day. Moreover, you can fix the lessons on Valentine’s weekend or switch them later, depending on the weather conditions. 

Loving Hearts Golf Ball Set

Has your valentine completed the golf lessons? It is time to surprise them with a Loving Heats Golf Ball Set. You can even give them while still undergoing the training to show your love and encouragement. The set comes as a perfect gift to tell them they should score the ideal goal for you. Luckily, you can also personalize the golf balls by printing their names on each ball with heart-warming messages that express your deep love. For instance, imagine opening a box with witty sayings like “You are my terrific kisser”, “You drive me crazy”, or “Love awaits you at home”? You are guaranteed his or her next golf game will be a pure dedication to you. Therefore, search no more and get this Love Hearts Golf Ball Set and show your golf-obsessed valentine that you also care about their hobbies. 

Sports Bags

You always see your love head to the gym, or the training ground with their kit squished into a small bag and feel they need a large and comfortable bag. You can now surprise them with a durable fabric training bag with a large compartment on this special day. Instead of watching them struggle to stack their training suits and shoes in a too-small bag, show them your love and concern by getting them a comfortable bag that they can walk with to the gym or training grounds. Check for the interior pockets, a hard-wearing, water-resistant base, and ventilated shoe compartment that can withstand the scrapes and soaking after extensive workouts. Remember, a perfect sports bag can double up as a travel bag when visiting stadiums or gold arenas. 

Skipping Ropes

This goes for fitness gurus who may want to enjoy their valentine’s day but still keep fit at home. If you are also fitness-oriented and want to join your lover in rope skipping, you can get two LCD digital skipping ropes that encourage you to work out by tracking the number of jumps per workout. This is a tangle-free rope that you can easily adjust and use. It also enables you to beat your targets by recording the number of jumps or time taken per session. Therefore, you can get this digital skipping rope that initiates a joint home workout and keep your valentine’s evening more enjoyable. 


The video game is also another way to light up your sports-obsessed valentine. If your lover loved playing FIFA 17, you could get them the new version of Alex Hunter, who returns with fully customizable features such as his kit and tattoos. FIFA 18 has a six-chapters game that lets you steer Alex Hunter through and became a football champion with an entirely new story, original characters, and real-life players.  

Moreover, the game can be played on a PS4 console with four players. That means you can join your lover for the challenge and also invite your friends. Alternatively, you can get a PlayStation Plus membership to access the online multi-player version so that your valentine can enjoy the game with 22 players. 

Personalized Sports Enthusiast Blanket

Whether your lover is a player or enjoys watching a certain team play, getting them a Personalized Sports Enthusiast Blanket is the easiest way to show your love and support to their fandom. You can personalize the blanket with their name and a graphic design showing their favorite sport. Choose from numerous sports like baseball, football, basketball, golf, hockey, and swimming. You can also include their favorite player’s team and jersey number to create a unique sports environment on valentine’s day. 

Final Words

Get ready for the lovers’ day with these great ideas that will leave your sports-obsessed valentine feeling adored. Stop worrying about how much you will spend to get your lover’s attention, and use their fandom to figure out the best gift for them. Remember, impressing your lover on Valentine’s day is all about your creativity and concern. If your lover is a basketball fan, include a basketball jersey in your offerings. 



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