The 10 Commandments of Choosing a Church That’s Right For You

If you’re looking for a new fellowship, this blog on choosing a church that’s the right for you should help. Check out these 10 tips when making your decision.

Did you recently move to a new city or town? Or are you dissatisfied with your former fellowship?

Settling in isn’t easy, but finding a church that can help you adjust and grow can take away some of the pain. But how do you know you’re choosing a church that’s right for you? Do you know what to look for in a church to guarantee spiritual growth and a better sense of community?

We’re here to help you out. Check out these 10 tips to learn how to choose a church.

  1. Does the Church Center on Jesus Christ and the Gospel?

The most important factor when choosing a church is their dedication to the Gospel and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Without firm belief and a heavy lean on Christ, a church crumbles into a disarray of convoluted teachings and intrapersonal profit.

The difference between a church and a cult is that the latter looks like a religious community but emphasizes personal glory. A good church doesn’t aim to pursue things such as incredible wealth for its leaders, but to emphasize the teachings of Christ.

  1. Theology and Doctrine

Keep in mind that it’s not enough to see a pastor holding a Bible and spouting Bible verses to call it a church worth visiting. You need to consider their theology and doctrine too. These things need to align with your personal beliefs as well.

How do they handle baptisms or communal service? What is their stance on topics such as birth control, homosexuality, and others? You need to consider these factors before you can fully commit to attending their weekly service and becoming more involved in their community.

  1. Is the Community Active?

Speaking of community, is the church active?

A church remains meaningless if it’s only a place people visit for the Word and nothing else. There needs to be an active congregation. It must be about people getting together.

Look for a women’s group in the church. Look for the church’s music team or their sports team. If they have these things going, then you know the leaders and members do what they can to keep their community together.

  1. Duty and Service

However, you also need to learn how to pick a church that does more than take care of its own. Remember that churches should be the first responders when it comes to caring for the world. The church you might go to should have a sense of duty and service to the outside world too.

Look for their charity work and ongoing community efforts. Do they have feeding programs, outreach programs for kids out of school, and do they do what’s within their powers to spread the Gospel?

A church that takes care of its own and reaches out to help those beyond its confines is a church worth checking out. They don’t simply listen to the Word, but they take it to action.

  1. Consistency With Church Service

Narrowed down your choices? Don’t forget that picking a church also requires consistency!

If they have a schedule for Sunday worship set for 10 AM and 2 PM, make sure they hit those schedules regularly. There’s nothing worse than loving a church and its community only to discover they can’t keep up with the demands.

Consistency also lies with its leaders. Do they have one pastor who regularly sermons on Fridays and Sundays? Does the person who leads the music team or the youth ministry always attend on time?

Looking for a church you can rely on? You can visit this church for more details.

  1. What About the Youth?

Speaking of the youth, you might want to consider picking a church with an active youth ministry.

Yes, this counts even if you don’t have kids. As an adult, a church’s youth ministry could open opportunities for you and others to keep the Gospel alive in the younger generation. You get the chance to perform your duty and help mold these kids’ futures.

If you do have kids, then a youth ministry is a must. You’ll want an avenue for your children to spiritually grow. It also lessens the risk of them getting mixed with troublesome kids and gangs.

  1. Reputation Does Count

Have you ever considered reading reviews for a church or checking their Facebook page? Not a lot of people do so, but you might want to start trying it. Reputation matters when choosing a church!

After all, it would be a nightmare to attend a church and get involved with their activities only to discover their pastor got in trouble with the law or that they push for some sort of commercial gain.

  1. Yes, Convenience Matters

While a lot of the factors in choosing a church tackles the system and opportunities offered, you also need to think about your convenience too. Yes, that can sound a bit selfish, but there is a reason you can’t ignore it: convenience affects your commitment to attend.

If the church is too far or if they only have hours for worship during days and times you have work, you’ll only get frustrated. What if you can only attend evening worship or what if you need a church that also offers group therapy for people with anxiety or PTSD? Those things should be on your list of priorities because they affect whether you can attend or not.

  1. Membership Requirements

Don’t forget to inquire about membership requirements.

Most churches allow people from all walks of life to join, but others do not. You might need to pay for a membership, whether in tithe or another form. Some might require you to undergo baptism or to talk to their church leaders first.

  1. Can You Sit In?

Finally, always ask if you can sit in. Attend their Sunday worship and see how things go. It’s always a good sign when a church lets strangers get a glimpse of the way they handle the Gospel and the community they manage.

Start Choosing a Church Today

Choosing a church isn’t as simple as picking what to wear. There are a lot of factors to consider, but you’ll find one appropriate for your needs and beliefs by following these 10 tips here.

Of course, picking a church is only the start. Spiritual growth comes after choosing — it comes from attending and participating.

If you want to read guides to walk you through the way, as well as other lifestyle guides, feel free to continue checking out our content today!



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