Different Forms of Addiction – What is it and how does it work?

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Many people suffer from addiction. If you look at smoking in particular, across the world almost 30% of people are addicted.

An addiction is when you crave a drug or substance, but don’t have any control over it. The need to consume that drug or substance, be it alcohol, drugs or even prescription drugs, is overwhelming and not your decision. Was well as these, gambling, sex and even work can be addictive.

Work: Some people work so much, that they actually end up having no control over the need to do more. The common phrase ‘workaholic’ is commonly used for these people. Often someone works so much that they actually feel guilty and bad when they aren’t at work. This may affect your relationships, as you won’t be seeing your friends and family as much, and it is definitely a real and serious addiction.

The Internet: some people, most of whom you will probably see every day, are addicted to the instant gratification of the internet. They will scroll social media, getting small hits of dopamine when they see a funny or cute video. This can be addictive, and the same way that you get addicted to a drug, you feel bad or an urge to log in and see what is happening online. This can affect relationships again, as when you aren’t giving someone your full attention, and are instead looking at your phone, it may be difficult to form a strong connection or to make friends at all.

Solvents: This covers dangerous substances that give a drug like effects like glue, paint or petrol. These are sniffed and inhaled to get a feeling of euphoria.

Shopping: Another less obvious addiction, shopping gives a similar high to gambling or even using substances like glue mentioned above. Shopping addicts get a rush from browsing through clothes, and finally making a purchase, releasing happy hormones that are addictive. You may know some people who spend all their month on clothes the often don’t even wear.

When someone is addicted to an activity or drug, they get some sort of ‘high’. This is a physical addiction to either the drug or to the dopamine rush that comes from gambling or shopping.

Addictions also case some sort of withdrawal. This means that when someone stops the addicting behavior they feel at the best uncomfortable, with an urge to continue behaving in an addicting way, or with more powerful substances the withdrawal may cause physical symptoms like illness or worse. Often that means that the ‘itch’ is scratched, and the behavior is taken up again to remove the uncomfortable feeling. This is called relapse.

If you have an addiction, be it to a serious drug or to something else that is still negatively impacting on your life, there is always a way out. Call a local rehabilitation center if you fall under substance abuse such as Detox of South Florida Inc. or find a group or private session with professionals that are well equipped to help.




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