5 reasons women are choosing to wear an ethically sourced engagement ring

Women feel great with ethically sourced engagement rings. Most women are becoming conscious when they shop for engagement rings because these rings are not only free from blemishes but also manufactured in the right manner.

How do feel when you put on a ring whose metal was obtained unethically? In the process of extractions of metals to be used in the manufacture of engagement rings, people have to kill to get the metal. Thus, you need to buy an ethical engagement ring so that you can put it on comfortably and freely. The following are five facts why women choose to wear ethically sourced lab grown diamond rings.

  1. The rings are eco-friendly

Ethically sourced engagement rings invest in research to inquire about the source of the raw materials that are used in the manufacture of the rings. Most stone miners use mining methods which have negative effects on the environment.  These miners damage the environment and fail to give back to the local communities and environmental projects.

Women prefer eco-friendly engagement rings because the metals are sourced from mines that are known for their positive environmental impact. Most women like ethically sourced engagement ring because it is manufactured from metals that are free from treatments and completely organic. Some of the treatments used degrade the environment which is against the environment protection norms.

  1. The raw materials of the rings are obtained from Conflict free countries

Ethically sourced engagement rings support anti-corruption measures in the mine sites. Moreover, these rings are strict on human rights enhancement to prevent conflicts that occur in the mining zones. Most countries that trade metals like diamonds are tainted with violence and bloodshed.  Thus, most diamonds originate from war-torn regions.

Ethically sourced engagement rings came up with serious approaches to eradicate most of these horrible practices by coming up with metals that are free from conflicts.

Conflict free diamonds that are used in engagement rings, comply with the Patriot Act. This Act makes sure no human rights are violated, free from child labor. Most women like to put their money where values exist because an engagement ring represents love for decades to come.

  1. The manufacturer adheres to labor protection rights

Ethical engagement rings adhere to labor protection rights.  Most mining companies usually employ children to work in the mine site because children provide cheap labor. This form of employment violates the children’s Act against employment.

Engagement ring customers are aware of the mistreatments that children go through in the mines. Such mistreatments prevent customers to buy the rings without any research about the mining company.

An ethical engagement ring adheres to clear protection rights against child labor in the mines. Thus, women prefer going for ethically sourced engagement rings to prevent violation of children’s rights.

  1. Ethically engagement rings are recyclable

Women who like buying new engagement rings need to purchase recyclable engagement rings. For, a couple to get a new engagement ring, mining has to take place to obtain the metals. However, mining can be limited if recycling your ring becomes a better option. Additionally, recycling engagement rings helps to curb negative environmental impacts.

When a ring is recycled, the stone or metal is redefined and polished back into a pure element. Moissanite rings are good because they are recyclable. Recycling an engagement not only maintains its quality but also makes it more superb in appearance.

  1. Antique

Socially conscious women prefer a vintage engagement ring. Vintage is a great choice that is ecofriendly and has no effect on the environment. These vintage rings are lab grown diamonds and can be recyclable. These rings have a historical significance together with a story from a different era in a specific time which is romantic. Its nature attracts women to go for it because it portrays a good picture that women need to possess.

Final note

New couples need to make the right decision when choosing an engagement ring. Most women prefer eco-friendly rings which cause little harm to the environment. If you avoid buying engagement rings from sources that do not protect child labour you have contributed to the protection of the same child.

Most couples buy engagement rings which are free from blames. Such rings are conflict-free to make women feel comfortable as they wear rings. Engagement only comes once in your lifetime and thus a suitable engagement ring not only makes you feel comfortable but also makes you feel great in transforming the world.



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