How to Get Rodents Out of Your House

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Rats and mice have learned to associate food and shelter with humans. Although humans do not want them around, these nasty rodents are persistent, intelligent, and challenging to eradicate. Once rodents occupy your house, they cause structural damages, chew on wires, contaminate food storage, and spread diseases. You can go here to learn the difference between rats and mice. That’s why this post will explore practical and effective ways to get rid of these nuisance creatures.

  • Remove Potential Food Sources

Rats and mice are drawn to properties with abundant food. Since they’re omnivores, they can feed on plants and animals, but have a preference for food items like pet food, fish, meat, cheese, among many others. Here are some actions to get rid of potential food sources.


  1. Vacuum your floors regularly to remove crumbs of food. 
  2. Do not leave food waste on your plates or counters.
  3. Store food in airtight containers. 
  4. Properly secure your garbage cans.
  5. Do not leave your pet food outside.
  6. If you have a bird feeder, ensure you remove bird seeds lying underneath.
  • Seal All Entry Holes

Rats and mice are agile rodents. A mouse can fit through a hole about the diameter of a normal-sized pen while a small rat can fit through a hole the size of a quarter. Therefore, a thorough inspection is needed to identify all potential entry holes around your house. These holes should be sealed with hard materials like steel wool, cement, or hardware cloth so that they won’t be able to chew their way back in.

  • Get Rid of Potential Hiding Spots

Rodents, especially in winter, are looking for a place to live. Do not make your property the perfect spot for these vermin. Ensure you get rid of debris, woodpiles, dense vegetation, old cars or appliances, and any other thing that can serve as the perfect hiding spot in your yard.

  • Professional Removal

Once a rat or mouse gains access to your house, it’s unlikely to leave on its own. However, professional companies can quickly and safely remove these animals. Trapping mice is not recommended as it can hurt the animals and can be very ineffective. 

If you believe you have a rodent infestation, don’t want to call a professional! These animals can reproduce quickly. 

  • Get a Pet

Some animals love to hunt these nasty critters. Although having a cat or dog means there’s always pet food lying around (which is a significant attractant to rodents), these pets have a strong reputation for catching rodents before they reproduce and multiply. 

If you’re living in a rodent-infested area, you may consider releasing a nonvenomous snake on your property to help keep the rodent population in check. 


If you find a rodent in your house, chances are there are others present too. That’s why you have to take a holistic approach when dealing with the problem. And if the rat infestation problem is too difficult to handle, you should consider bringing in a rodent control professional.


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