Top Three Things To Consider When Putting A Trade Show Together!


As a business owner preparing for a trade show can be very stressful and very scary especially if you are a new company. I can remember when my husband and I did our first trade show for our business back in the day. When that day arrived I had so many butterflies in my stomach. I was worried that my tradeshow booth was not displayed correctly!

But we had such a great turn out and our booth was awesome. To make things easier for yourself  I suggest you make a list of things that will help you get ready to put together a tradeshow booth,  its a lot of work and everything from the banners, flyers, location and space plays a major factor. It takes weeks sometimes months preparing for certain tradeshows, you want to make sure you have what it takes to marketing to people so when they see your booth they will come running just to see what you have available! You can make it a successful trade show when you have the right skills and information you need. It’s not that hard actually when you prepare yourself weeks ahead of time, I found that to be more in our favor because we took on the challenge of getting ready weeks in advance.

With so many displays out to help shine a light on your business, finding the right lightweither banner stands for trade shows will help get your company noticed for sure. There innovative designs will capture any audience and take your tradeshow to a whole new level! Lets not forget about the fancy food show this summer in NYC, one things for sure you can enjoy some great food at this shows!


I wanted to list three more things to consider when putting a trade show together,

1) Location.

2) Banner/ Table presentation.

3) Space.

Even though we know there are many other things we can list for preparing for a tradeshow I think these are the three most important things to consider.



Disclaimer: I received compensation for this post , however all opinions are 100% my own.



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