Photo credit via Camp Cayuga in the Pocono Mountains

How I loved going to summer camp when I was a kid!


When I was a kid my mom and dad always made sure me and all my siblings went to summer camp every year. We didn’t miss a year not unless we were sick but other than that we were packed and so excited each year. All the parents had to meet up in one place with all the kids so we could prepare to load the buses, I would hear all the parents talking about how much fun the kids will have and how some of the kids were scared because it was their first time.

Once we loaded those buses we were free to laugh out loud, sing, play, scream  and much more. It was one of the most wonderful times of the year for us. When we arrived we would have our own cabin with one leader who we had to report to everyday. Oh I can still see the mountain trails, the beautiful lake water, the arts and crafts and the high rope walks, games and new friends.

The night bomb fires , roasting of marshmallows and songs we shouted at night had us all laughing. Oh and lets not forget about all the bugs, snakes and yes bears they scared me the most. I use to enjoy the little secret snacks mom packed in our suitcases just in case we didn’t like the food which we never had a problem with, the food was always good!.

Our leaders were so nice and very carrying, they took great care of us each year and made sure we had the best time ever. When it came time to leave some of us would cry because we were having so much fun. Now in days the option for camps are astronomical compared to when I went to camp. They have  Adirondack Summer Camps, overnight camps, basketball camps , swim camps and many other Adirondack Camps. 

They also have one camp  programs for teens and toddlers!day camps. They also have one camp for Special Needs like Camp Cayuga in the Pocono Mountains

Photo credit via Camp Cayuga in the Pocono Mountains
Photo credit via Camp Cayuga in the Pocono Mountains

Summer camp is such a great way for your children to learn many life skills, independence, discipline, interacting with others , crafts and much more.  I’m glad I had the opportunity to go to camp it was the best time of my life!!




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