Great ways to potty train your puppy.

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Although puppy potty training may seem as a rather straightforward procedure, it is actually not so. Like any other training, potty training is something that will affect dog’s behavior changing it forever. If you do not do it properly you will have many issues not only with potting but other processes as well.

As something that starts at early age, puppy potty training builds a bond between owner and a dog. It is imperative for you to take care of the dog. Otherwise, dog may become confused not knowing who to obey.

Importance of potty training for puppy’s psyche

Everybody knows that potty training is necessary so that the dog starts relieving itself outside of the house. It is a must. However, there are other factors that need to be considered and here, I am primarily referring to psychological effects.

What do I mean by that?

Potty training is crucial for discipline. If you do it correctly, any other training will be a breeze. It is also very important for establishing master-dog relationship. As you well know, your decisions will always be the most important ones for the dog. You are there to protect him and keep him safe. This is why hierarchy needs to be established. At least dog needs to understand it. Otherwise, your dog may become stubborn and loose. This may lead to accidents and even violent behavior.

It is also something that solidifies your bond.

Most dog owners do not actually spend time with their dogs. When they return home after a long work day, they are more inclined to watch TV or spend time in front of PC. Anyway, this means that dogs are oftentimes neglected. During potty training you will become the “it guy”. It also allows you to spend some time with the dog as it runs around chasing butterflies.

Potty training basics

Here are some things that you need to know at all times:

  • Patience is the key. Do not rush into anything and prepare for accidents. Puppies are instinctive beings and they will do what feels to be right. This means if the puppy has the urge to pee, it will pee on the same spot where it stands. You are the one that needs to predict this need and take it outside beforehand.
  • Never beat your dog not matter what happens. Puppies are like babies in sense they absorb all the stimuli from their surroundings. Violence can lead to creation of trauma especially if you do it too often.
  • Bigger dogs = bigger bladder, smaller dogs = smaller bladder. If you are willing to buy a small dog you have to realize that it will need to relieve itself more often.
  • Dogs relieve themselves approximately 4 to 6 times a day. It depends on breed. As your dog grows up a bit, it might start pressuring you to go out even if it doesn’t have the need to go out. You need to recognize this play.
  • Dogs need to relieve themselves in the morning and evening, same as human. It is important for a puppy to relieve itself before sleeping. This way you are able to prevent accidents.
  • Puppies also need to go after a meal. It usually takes them less than an hour to digest food.
  • Do not play with your puppy before its relieving time. Puppy will get excited and lose control.
  • Dog will always try to relieve itself on the same type of terrain. This means that if dog starts peeing within the house, it will create a habit of only peeing within the house which will be a disaster.


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