Tips For Makeover Of A Nursery Into A Toddler Room

As your infant gradually grows from lying down, sitting and standing up in the crib to a walking, climbing and chattering dynamo, you need to be on your toes to keep up. Similarly, the nursery room too needs an upgrade to becoming a toddler room.

Here are some tips on making the change easily and effectively.

  • Switch from crib to toddler bed

Somewhere between the ages of 15 and 30 months, your kid will outgrow the crib by trying to climb out of it. That’s the time to make the switch to a toddler bed. Luckily nowadays many sellers offer cribs that can be converted to toddler beds simply by taking out one side and putting up a guard rail for security. So; if your crib can be converted to a toddler bed, wonderful! If not, it’s time to bring in a new bed.

Floor length curtains and curious tiny tots do not go together. Those curious fingers will tug and pull the curtains which may cause accidents. And that ‘everything goes into my mouth’ habit will most likely mean your toddler chewing the curtain edges and taking in germs galore. Best swap any floor length curtains with window sill length panels that stay safely out of reach. Or consider custom roman shades, especially those with cordless operating mechanism for added safety. Keep embellishments to a minimum – avoiding anything loose and hazardous to minimize safety risks. Short, simple and out of reach – that’s the window treatment your toddler room needs.

  • Bring in toddler sized seating

Get a toddler sized chair and table duo to give your child the right kind of seating and working surfaces. This simple addition makes the child feel grown up, boosts their focus on the task at hand (eating, block setting, coloring etc) and improves motor skills as they learn to work, play and eat on their own furniture.

  • Ensure child safety

Keep anything decorative that can be pulled down beyond your toddler’s reach – buntings, artwork, and cords etc. Use high ledges or wall shelves for displays safely out of their grabbing range. Put plugs in all accessible electrical points to avoid any shocking incidents. For things like toys that a toddler is likely to reach out for, keep low height baskets that the child can learn to use for organizing toys post-play. Secure all furniture to wall for added safety. Anything that can crash or can be pulled, tugged or chewed needs to be removed.

  • Create floor space

A toddler needs floor space for play, exploration and learning. Push necessary furniture items closer to the room’s walls.  Remove all extra furniture (like the now-redundant rocking chair and the changing table) to create floor space for playtime. Window sill length curtains also help in opening up floor space. If space permits, put up a play tent on floor in one corner of the room as toddlers love to have fun doing pretend play.



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One thought on “Tips For Makeover Of A Nursery Into A Toddler Room

  • We went straight from crib to full size bed for both my girls, since they were both in a crib until they were 3 years old. It worked out well. They were excited to have a big girl bed. My biggest challenge was creating floor space. I don’t know how they get so much “stuff” sometimes. I did put some seating in their room with a small table where they can do colors and crafts.


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