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There will be a new Cinderella remake but it is not your ordinary Disney princess remake. This time around, things will be a bit different. The classic fairy tale will be updated to better suit the modern audience.

Sony will be remaking the fairy tale and its cast will include recognizable faces of different stars, from musicians to TV personalities. The movie was scheduled to be released on February 5th of 2021 but due to theatre closures and COVID concerns, the release date is now pushed till 16th July.

The Cinderella movie has had a tremendous impact on our lives especially because of the iconic blue princess gown dress of Cinderella. It is not uncommon to see little girls dressed in the blue Cinderella costume during special occasions such as birthdays and Halloween. The Cinderella movie has been a favorite movie for most young girls for years. This is because it gives them a chance to imagine that there is a prince charming waiting for them somewhere and that one day fate will allow their paths to cross.

Arguably, the Cinderella costume is one of the most popular Disney costumes. There are even ballerina- inspired Cinderella costumes for kids. Adults are not left out in this because there Cinderella costumes for adults who wish to attend the ball dressed as the princess Cinderella.

Who are the casts?

News of the forthcoming remake was first announced in April 2019. The Hollywood Reporter announced that Camilla Cabello would be the Cinderella and that she will be actively involved in singing in the movie. Camilla needs no introduction for most people. She used to be a member of an all-girls group “Fifth Harmony” and has released solo hits “Senorita” and “Havana”. Shooting begun in February 2020 but it was halted in March due to the corona pandemic. Filming later resumed in August 2020 and ended in early October the same year. When the shooting resumed in August, COVID protocols were put in place which included rigorous testing.

It is predicted that including Camilla Cabello in the cast might resonate well with a more diverse audience. When the movie was first released in 1950 by Walt Disney and for many years the character of Cinderella has been played by a blond and blue-eyed young woman. Kay Cannon directed the movie. Cannon’s remake will shake up things and introduce a different looking Cinderella that most people are not used to seeing. This is a good thing because previous remakes have not introduced new aspects to the story which has not made many people feel the urge to watch them.

Besides the inclusion of a Cuban-American Cinderella, the remake has another surprise in store for the audience. Billy Porter, the openly gay POSE star will be the fairy-godmother. Porter is both Emmy and Tony winner. He will be a genderless fairy godmother and it will be interesting to see how that plays out.

Idina Menzel who acted in Wicked will play the role of the evil stepmother. Nicholas Galitzine who acted in Chambers, a Netflix movie, will play Prince Robert. Pierce Brosnan will play the role of the king and James Corden is acting as the mice and producing. Pierce Brosnan is best known for his role as James Bond while James Corden is the host of his night show The Late-Late Show with James Corden.

Missy Elliot will act as the Town Crier, and Queen Beatrice as Minnie Driver. Driver is an amazing actress. She appeared in the movie ‘Good Will Hunting’ and TV shows like “About a boy” and “Will and Grace.” The other two mice friends will be played by Romesh Ranganathan and John Mulaney. Romesh and Mulaney are both comedians.

The evil stepsisters Drizella and Anastacia will be played by Charlotte Spencer and Maddie Baillio who are both great actresses. Spencer acted in the UK TV show “The Living and the Dead” and Baillio appeared in the Netflix movie “Dumplin”.

A unique remake with more representation

Most movie lovers are waiting for this prince meets princess remake with bated breath. They are looking forward to seeing what is new in the remake and how the diverse cast with fresh voices will deliver their acting. Let us hope that the movie will achieve the goal that is set out to attain of impressing the modern audience.


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