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In What Ways Do Enterprise Applications Differ From Regular Apps?

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Apps are sassy, entertaining and necessary. You definitely have your set of indispensable apps that you cannot survive without. There are the consumer apps like WhatsApp and Instagram. Then, there are the Enterprise apps that improve efficiency in firms. This article outlines to you in what ways the enterprise apps differ from the regular apps.

What’s makes one different from the other?

All consumer apps can be found on the web, App Store or Google Play Store. At the touch of a button, you could download an app and Voila! Whether it is a news app, social app or even a game, you could have it. One notable thing with the enterprise apps is that they are not designed for entertainment. They are designed for efficiency.

Another thing with the enterprise apps is that they can be pre-ordered. This means you could contact a mobile app development agency to design your company’s app. These apps are usually developed to fit the specific company’s policies, processes and procedures. They bring together all the functions into your smartphone.

Mode of distribution

Unlike the consumer apps that have to be distributed in the app stores, enterprise apps could be delivered right into your inbox. They can be incorporated into your firm’s network and hardware infrastructure. They are flexible.

The processes that enterprise apps seek to streamline could be manufacturing, distribution, inventories, administration, information security or operations. While the regular apps help you to get access to certain conveniences or even workouts, the enterprise apps help in streamlining processes.

The other difference may be that the regular apps are downloaded freely from the app stores, while the enterprise apps are ordinarily bought by companies. They cannot benefit individuals. They work mostly with groups of people. They are designed to coordinate processes.

Enterprise apps are for enterprises

In simple terms, the consumer/regular apps are designed for the regular users while the enterprise mobile apps are designed for enterprises.

Apps are only classified into two categories; the consumer-centric apps and the enterprise apps. All of these apps are designed the same way, probably with the same tools. However, they differ in terms of their mode of usage. While both apps are designed for the two most dominant Operating systems, the enterprise apps are for specific organizations.

Enterprise apps are not boring

This should never be taken, of course, to mean that that the enterprise apps are boring as compared to the consumer apps. Enterprise apps generally have just as much of a wonderful User Interface (UI) and User experience (UX) as the regular apps. Users need interactive features whether it is in a consumer or enterprise app.

Boring, ineffective apps are quickly uninstalled and thrown to the back burner. And that means business is lost. Developers must keep their side of their bargain by designing better, more interactive mobile apps. And  thank God for developers, some never disappoint on interactivity.

The enterprise apps should also be as simple to use as the regular apps so as to blend seamlessly within the connection device. For increased adoption, the enterprise app should also be functional as it is user-friendly.

Much as there are differences between the enterprise and the regular consumer apps, there are still major similarities. These similarities exist in the design and the user and interface and experience. This means that navigation and app use can be just as enjoyable and efficient.

While enterprise apps are ordinarily designed to digitize business processes, the regular apps are for individuals. The enterprise apps help to increase productivity of staff by simplifying business processes. They also eliminate movement from one department to another to seek authorizations within a business.
The net effect of the regular apps cannot be underestimated also. From the social to the financial transaction apps all through to maps and navigation, these apps are useful. If you were looking for the differences between enterprise apps and regular apps, by now you must have gotten a whole lot of that.


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