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Top 5 Benefits of Probiotics

You’ve probably heard of probiotics before, but do you even know what they really do?

When most people think about probiotics, they think of it as an ingredient in yogurt. However, while probiotics can be found in many yogurts, they’re so much more than that.

In simple terms, probiotics are yeasts and live bacterium that are good for your body.

What’s so great about them?

Read on to learn the top 5 benefits of probiotics.


1. Aid in Digestion

If you have any sort of digestion issue, then probiotics are your new best friend.

Probiotics can help with things like abdominal pain, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, flatulence, and constipation. Click here to discover the best probiotic for constipation.

Probiotics work to rehabilitate a natural balance of bacteria in the stomach. Usually, digestive issues result from there being too much bad bacteria.

Too much bad bacteria is often the result of medications, illnesses, or a poor diet.

Probiotics work to add more good bacteria to your system.

2. Improve Mental Health Conditions

It is estimated that about 1 in 5 adults in the US suffers from some form of mental illness.

What’s tragic is that a lot of these adults aren’t doing anything to treat their illness. If you suffer from some form of mental illness and are looking for more ways to improve your mental health, then probiotics may be the answer.

While probiotics certainly aren’t a substitute for prescription meds, they can definitely help to give your mind a boost.

As we just stated, probiotics help improve your gut health. There’s an increasing number of studies that now link mental health to gut health.

So, while probiotics are improving the function of your gut, they may also indirectly help improve your mood. 

3. Help Keep Your Heart Healthy

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Clearly, we could all be doing a lot more to keep our hearts healthy.

A good place to start is with probiotics.

This is because there have been studies that show that consuming probiotics on a regular basis can help lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.

There have also been studies that suggest that probiotics can help lower blood pressure in modest amounts. 

4. Better Skin

Whether it’s wanting fewer wrinkles or wanting to get rid of a acne, everyone is looking for ways to improve their skin.

Getting more probiotics in your diet is a great way to improve skin health.

Just like mental health, there is a strong link between skin health and gut health. This is because when probiotics are working to make the gut healthier, they are reducing inflammation.

Reduced inflammation can help prevent acne, as well as help reduce red discoloration on your face.

Probiotics also help with wrinkle reduction. This is because probiotics eliminate toxins and free radicals as they work to improve the gut. Ridding your body of toxins and free radicals is a great way to prevent wrinkles from forming.

5. Allergies and Eczema

Are you or your child suffering from eczema?

Some studies have shown that taking probiotics may help reduce eczema. And, that if you take them when pregnant, it could lower your baby’s chance of developing eczema once born.

There is also evidence that some strains of probiotics can help alleviate symptoms of those who have milk and dairy allergies.

There are your 5 benefits of probiotics! Keep in mind that probiotics aren’t a magical overnight fix, so you need to take them consistently to see results.


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